Welcome to 9thousandfeet, so named for the altitude where I spend most of my time here in the Rocky Mountains.

I’m a woodturner much of the time, so a lot of this site is about that. There is a gallery of my work in the menu above and a growing series on how the work is done. I sell my work through galleries and other outlets, but also ship direct, so if you see anything that interests you please do email me via  “contact” in the menu.

I absolutely will not reveal your email to anyone for any reason and I won’t spam you.

(If you click on any of the photos below you’ll get a nifty slide show of larger images.)


And then there’s the blog, which is a completely different thing altogether. There you will find posts from me and other contributors to the site on almost any topic imaginable; Art, Cooking, Politics, Music, Movies, Books … there’s just no telling.

You are quite welcome to participate if you wish.