too close for comfort…

Don’t know how I missed it, but The Donald was in Colorado yesterday. For some reason the Pitkin County Emergency Alert System failed to warn us of this impending danger, obviously a failure to perform in accord with its intended function and a matter I shall be taking up at the next County Commissioners meeting.

Anyway, he’s shown here in Colorado Springs—as wretched a hive of wingnuttery and theocratic villainy (thanks Obiwan) as you can find anywhere—continuing his unconventional campaign strategy by actually sucking the brains out of a small child.


REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

of ice and eskimos

A video ad for Trump vodka aimed at the Russian market and produced for Drinks Americas & Trump Vodka to premiere at a luxury-goods promotional sales event, in Russia, called the Millionaire’s Convention, back in 2007 .

Trump vodka was introduced in 2006 with great fanfare and the marketing slogan “Success Distilled”. It was touted as the “epitome of vodka” that would “demand the same respect and inspire the same awe as the international legacy and brand of Donald Trump himself.” Donald Trump (a teetotaler) personally asserted it was “200 times better than Grey Goose”.

Production reportedly stopped sometime in 2011.

The soundtrack for the video is Money Money Money by, I think, the O’jays, and it has tigers, a brief glimpse of the obligatory bimbo, oddball pseudo-cyrillic graphics and a crowned Donald. Oh yeah, and even Lenin.

So here we go …a one and a two and … hit it boys;

(Funky guitar riff)

Money money money mo-ney

(chorus) mmmMMMo-ney!

Money money money mo-ney

(chorus) mmmMMMo-ney!

Money money money mo-ney

(chorus) mmmMMMo-ney!

Some people, uh!, got to have it

Yeah  heh!

Some people, ah! really need it

Huh listen to me y’all

Do things Do things Do things

Baaad things with it




I’m no expert on Russia today, or on any other day, but judging from the bizarre mayhem recorded on thousands of dashcam videos available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube, and the reports from a seafaring ship’s captain and relative who visits there regularly, the last fucking thing they need in that unhappy place is more booze, but there it is.

Voter Suppression is Dying in the Courts

It is no secret that our conservative ilk have a problem with non-white voters.  In every new election, the demographic trend is increasingly, not their friend.

The current (and about to shoot himself?) RNC chair Rance Preibus famously tried to get them to drop their Southern Strategy after the 2012 debacle.  Instead, the fine folks at ALEC came up with model legislation, later adopted in a string of states, to restrict access to voting by poor people, especially intended (by said legislatures) to reduce voting by non-white voters.  The stated pretext is ‘preventing voter fraud’.  But they usually say something among themselves about the real intent, and that usually is read later by the judges.

They tried this in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania, among other places.  Note that most of these are key swing states in national elections.


The courts are now wrecking that strategy.  Here is a great article about it.  The latest defeat of this nasty gambit just happened in North Carolina.

The NC State SC Justices added some scathing commentary to spank their Legislature and to warn against future such ugliness.  They even said something about ‘curing problems that don’t exist’ (such as the phantom problem of voter fraud).

Courts in several other states have done the same, including Texas about two weeks ago.

This will affect the election this November.

tone deaf

The odious Debbie Wassermann Schultz is quitting as DNC chair, forced out by the email hack confirming what Sanders and his supporters have claimed since day one, which is that DWS and the DNC have had a finger on the primary process scale all along.  Well OK, good riddance, she should have been fired long ago, but now we are where we are.

Which is here, with Hillary Clinton wasting not a moment to give DWS a lavish tongue bath;

“There’s simply no one better at taking the fight to the Republicans than Debbie,” she said, “which is why I am glad that she has agreed to serve as honorary chair of my campaign’s 50-state program to gain ground and elect Democrats in every part of the country, and will continue to serve as a surrogate for my campaign nationally, in Florida, and in other key states.Debbie-Wasserman-Schultz-478x257

“I look forward to campaigning with Debbie in Florida and helping her in her re-election bid – because as president, I will need fighters like Debbie in Congress who are ready on day one to get to work for the American people.”

Right. Debbie “The Shark” Schultz can always be relied upon to work for the American people, though I suppose it’s a safe enough, albeit cynical, bet that not enough people know about Schultz’s history of cossetting the predatory payday loanshark biz for a statement like that to be problematic.

On top of all that, the Clinton campaign is blaming Russia for the email leak shitstorm, seemingly arguing that if a burglar finds a body in the library somehow that exonerates the murderer.

Either Clinton;

  1. Really is this spectacularly tone deaf, or
  2. Has concluded that she can win the election without even trying to energize the progressive wing of her own party to get out and vote for her, so hey, you know, fuck ’em. Or
  3. Is for some weird reason genuinely trying to blow this election and have us all wake up sometime in January in a country we’ll barely recognize.

I’m gonna go with “B”. I’m thinking the arrogance of the Dem establishment is such that they cannot possibly imagine themselves losing this one no matter what.

I don’t think that we’re close to that happening, not right now, but these fuckwits are sure working on it.

another one


The media’s intrepid photographers are, once again, doing their level best to point out what’s going on here. Unhappily, most Americans are aesthetically illiterate and don’t understand that art is, among other things, a form of language.

I remember the most amazing photos of Dubya years ago, during his first campaign for prez, which regularly caught him in that spontaneous and cringe-worthy beady-eyed little smirk which is (still) his consistent reaction to any kind of applause. Truly awful.

Didn’t make a damn bit of difference though, did it?

Still, this Trump personality cult, previously known as the GOP, is now on a whole new visual level. I don’t recall anything quite like this in my lifetime. At least not this close to home.



benito brings down the house

Benito says he’s gonna make the trains run on time.


Anyone who can look at that image and not feel at least some serious trepidation has something wrong with their brain. Anyone who can look at that and feel inspired or uplifted is just plain fucking crazy.

And dangerous. Very dangerous.

Science dies in Cleveland

The modern new-look Republicans are almost immune to the joys and enlightenment of legit science, these days.

This story of one of their invited speakers for the silly-fest ties several tales together:

one more faux-science ‘supplements scam,

the similarity of this scam to one touted by The Donald in recent years, and

Alex Jones, just for giggles.

Oh, and how they are really scraping the barrel to find people to fill slots at this convention.

Check it out.