I’ve dreaded writing this post and have procrastinated for several weeks, partly because I was clinging to the forlorn hope it would not be necessary, that the SS Trump actually would founder and disappear beneath the waves. He won’t, though it does seem reasonably certain at this point that absent any truly bizarre circumstances (in a campaign season constructed almost entirely of them, let’s not forget that), Trump is not going to win this election.

He will not occupy the White House and the First Lady of the US will not be a stone-faced Eastern European hooker with just one client. (Hey, don’t get mad at me, Donnie boy, you’re the one who wants to ditch what you call “political correctness” but which thoughtful people call basic civility, remember? So fuck you.)

He will actually lose an election that he very likely could have won without really being any less of a whole laundry list of disagreeable things which he indisputably is—including a racist, a predatory misogynist, a climate change denier, a conspiracy theorist,  an operator of a horribly fraudulent “university”, a piece of shit who routinely short-changes working people as a normal part of his business strategy,  a demonstrable liar on a scale sufficient to dwarf all previous political norms, a petulant and vindictive little carnival barker, and just all-around narcissistic asshole—if only he’d had the ability to hide all those things better.

Like his running-mate Pence, for example, who does a very serviceable job of disguising the fact that in so many ways the only real difference between himself and the most odious mullah on Earth is the absence of a beard. If Trump had been able to muster just a smidgen of that kind of discipline and focus, Hillary Clinton would be going down in flames as we speak.

How can we know this?  Well, here’s a guy who has proposed so many crazy things, any one of which would have scuppered any other political candidacy in modern times, that probably none of us can now recall the entire list, and yet there he is, still flailing madly away and not really that much further behind than Mitt Romney was and who was himself scuppered by just one single ill-considered remark about “the 47%”.

Donald Trump. An absolute firehose of nastiness and lunacy for month after month.

Donald Trump. A relentless firehose of nastiness and lunacy for month after month.

Still, I’m tempted to give it a whirl, just for the hell of it;  He’s proposed committing a whole variety of war crimes, like advocating torture as “necessary” even if it “doesn’t work” and the deliberate targeting of  “terrorists’ families”. You have “to take them out”, he’s said. He suggested that there “needs to be punishment” for women who undergo abortions, even though the procedure has been ruled legal by the nation’s highest court.

Then there’s The Wall. The less said about it the better, probably, except to say that I do wonder how many of his supporters actually think it would ever actually be built. I could maybe live with the idea of a few tens of thousands, but if there really are tens of millions of people who really do seriously believe his wall (“it just got ten feet higher, folks, it just got ten feet higher, I promise you”) will actually get built at all, never mind that Mexico will “pay for it”, then we’re in a hell of a lot more trouble than I thought, and as those of you who have read my bullshit for any length of time know, that’s one hell of a lot.

Stop and Frisk. You “have to do it”. It’s “common sense”. And our military has been reduced to “rubble”. Oh yeah, and speaking of frisking; “I just start kissing them, you can do anything if you’re a star,  grab them by the pussy. They just let you do it”.  He’s floated the alibi that the women who accuse him of doing exactly that are lying because they’re too ugly for him to grope. “Just look at them, folks, just look at them. I don’t think so. She wouldn’t be my first choice, I can tell you.”

He pretended he didn’t know who David Duke is and declined to distance himself from him.  He expresses nostalgia for “the old days” when hecklers would be “carried out on a stretcher, folks. We’re not allowed to punch back anymore.” He calls one of his primary opponents (Cruz) “a pussy”.

He proposes a “complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”, because of course he did.  Claimed Muslims were dancing in the streets in Jersey City, NJ after 9-11 “where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.” He was lying. They weren’t.

Sure there’s more, lots more, but stopping here seems like the thing to do before we all lose the will to live.

Except to say this. None of those things, taken singly or even in bunches, proved enough to sink campaign Trump. While it’s true that the polls are now showing significant loss of support, with that trend continuing, nobody as yet knows what flipped the switch.

It turns out, early polling on that matter suggests, that not even bragging about committing felonious sexual assault and getting away with it by reason of wealth and fame was, in and of itself, enough to sink the campaign.  One wonders if we’ll get around to having a conversation about that sometime; not for what it says about Trump, because fuck Donald Trump, but for what it says about today’s electorate. About us.

If you’re Donald, of course, you won’t be losing the election. If you’re Donald that’s just psychologically impossible. Can’t happen.  If you don’t win it can only be because the game was rigged, and naturally you’ve been talking about that for months now, with increasing frequency of late as the true nature of your campaign’s situation becomes clearer.

Here comes Donny "wrecking ball" Trump, Mr. Ryan. What's your plan? Another GOP "makeover", more minority "outreach"??

Here comes Donny “wrecking ball” Trump, Mr. Ryan. What’s your plan? A bigger tent? Another GOP “makeover”, more “minority outreach”?? Double down on the Ayn Rand bullshit?

Those most faithful and hypnotized followers in whose hearts you have been relentlessly stirring up the darkest impulses are listening to you, as they always do, and taking notes. If the “rigged system” won’t allow you, our fearless leader who tells it like it is, to walk triumphantly through the front doors of the White House to evict that Kenyan Usurper in accord with the true will of the American People, then by god that system needs to be wrecked and we’ll just start over.

The chances we’ll avoid having some loony(s) pushed completely over the edge by Trump’s reckless flailing are not good.

The FBI just last week  broke up a plot and arrested 3 assholes in Kansas for planning to blow up a bunch of people after the election, but the culprits were white “militia” characters stockpiling explosives and weapons, not Muslims like their intended victims, so that’s not going to occupy anything like the same amount of column inches as it might otherwise do, and nobody in Trump’s orbit is going to even mention it.

So here we are. Trump won’t sink, though he almost certainly won’t win on Nov 8th. He’ll still be talking crazy shit, and the people who love him will subscribe to his new television network (a good bet, wouldn’t you say?) and will talk themselves even further out into the dangerous weeds while they await Trump v2.0.

But in spite of all this, in some corners of the world, there is yet hope.  On this occasion, it’s in Oz.  It turns out that the Upper House in the New South Wales parliament has passed a resolution by MP  Jeremy Buckingham, condemning Donald J Trump as “a revolting slug unfit for office”.

“It’s clear that all reasonable and decent people find Donald Trump’s behaviour obnoxious and that the world is hoping American voters reject his politics of hate,” Buckingham said.

Kudos all around, cobbers, and many thanks.


Since we’re kinda keeping track, the mighty Professor Hubbard’s EV chart this week is looking stronger for Clinton, and he has the odds of her winning at 99.93% if the election were held today.


Sam Wang has a Clinton win on election day at a probability of 98%, with an EV count of 332/206.  Both Wang and Hubbard are substantially more optimistic about the trends in downballot races than is Silver at 538, though giddy speculation about a substantial majority in the Senate and even the House being in play is nowhere near justified by the current numbers.

still afloat, barely…

Not much point in going over all the absurdities of the previous week, since anyone with an IQ bigger than their shoe size (and that would be US sizes, not European ones) knows what a dick Trump really is, but to get us rolling and just for grins and to clear the links crowding my desktop there are a couple worth mentioning;

  • At a rally in Nevada on Wednesday, Trump appealed to the terminally ill to hang on long enough to cast their votes.

    “I don’t care how sick you are,” he said “I don’t care if you just came back from the doctor and he gave you the worst possible prognosis, meaning it’s over. Doesn’t matter. Hang out till November 8. Get out and vote.”

  • In response to accusations of misogyny being behind his referring to women over the years as “pigs, slobs and dogs” among other things, he suggested it’s just all in good fun and is in no way suggestive of lack of respect for women;

    I like me some pussy grabbing and naked girls who let me in the dressing room because, you know, I’m a star. Oh yeah, and I own the dressing rooms.

    “A lot of that was done for the purpose of entertainment, there’s nobody that has more respect for women than I do,”

OK, onward.

Just where the hell are we now, and what’s actually happening?

The GOP pooh-bahs are, naturally, expressing horror at Trump for grabbing women “by the pussy”—which according to both his own admission and emerging victim accounts is something he actually does from time to time with impunity, you know, being a star and all—as if up until this very moment they’ve had, cross their heart and hope to die;

a) no idea of what a sleazy and petulant little carnival barker this guy has always been, for fucking decades, and

b) their political party, driven largely but not exclusively by its enormously influential religious whacko contingent,  has not been engaged in open and escalating political warfare on women all across the board for at least a couple of generations.

Some GOP functionaries, especially those House and Senate members up for re-election this time around, are announcing that this is “the last straw”and saying they can no longer support Trump for the presidency, but without mentioning the wagons carrying bales of straws which have been groaning across the political landscape for more than a year now.

Party leaders like Ryan and McConnell and Rouge Pinball are “horrified”, but not enough to withdraw their support for him as candidate. Given that Trump has been a publicity-seeking scumbag for decades and thus there are certainly more unsavory revelations to come (here’s a fresh one just today about how Trump liked to walk around in the dressing rooms of “beauty contests” he owned, ogling the nekkid wimmin—and there will be more, much more), maybe they’ll get there eventually or maybe not. Without a doubt the only reason they’re hanging on is lack of a workable alternative.

Meanwhile, aside from being “sick to their stomach” and blah blah blah (as if, you know, there are no high-class hookers in DC and sexual predation of all kinds are not SOP among powerful men, and as if they, too, didn’t know until just now who Trump really is) the Democrat pooh-bahs are remaining relatively quiet, which strategically is probably the smart move for now.

There is bleating from various quarters that Trump should quit. Trump himself  immediately announced that he’s never quit anything in his life and won’t consider “letting his supporters down”, which with a normal candidate would mean he’s seen the writing on the wall and will certainly quit.

But Trump is not a normal candidate and that’s not what’s going to happen.

Trump has basically captured enough of the GOP base that he can adopt the “hey, nice political party, be a shame if something happened to it” posture. His supporters don’t care about the pussy grabbing, indeed most of them would jump at the chance if they thought they could get away with it. Thus Ryan ran into plenty of lusty booing at the rally in Wisconsin for “dis-inviting” Trump, as did Joe Heck who is running for the US Senate in Nevada and who, at one of his rallies today, decided to denounce Trump.

At this point, the “party unity”  thumb the GOP establishment has been sucking as if it still existed anywhere outside of Ridge Polebarn’s rhetoric, has evaporated for good no matter what.  If Trump quits, he takes his toy soldiers and the party flies apart. If he keeps running and loses, the toy soldiers blame the GOP establishment (and the media, of course), and the party flies apart.  Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of jerks, though what might arise out of the rubble is worrying and is very unlikely to be an improvement.

Let’s see, what else?


Who, me, a supporter of austerity and TPP and cutting Social Security? Never! Why, just this past summer Bernie turned me into the progressive I’ve been my whole life, remember?

Oh yeah, there’s to be a “town hall-style” debate tonight, which should be a hoot. Trump has hinted strongly that he’ll come out swinging against the Clinton familia’s sexual indiscretions in response to the pussy grabbing issue, a topic which Anderson Cooper is still trying to figure out how to raise on Sunday night prime-time teevee.

Some snippets of Hillary’s paid speeches to the financial sector have emerged, where she describes the policies embodied in the Simpson-Bowles “plan” from 2010—which advocated cutting Social Security benefits among other austerity measures—as being “the right framework” for a path forward.

The yawning gap between that posture and the her current one, assumed after Bernie’s insurgent campaign scared the shit out of Dem establishment and cause Hillary to scamper into her current incarnation as a “lifelong progressive”, would normally be something of a big deal and an opportunity to pursue the “lying Hillary” and “political windsock Hillary” narrative, but topics like that don’t ordinarily stand much of a chance against lasciviousness and genitalia.


Onward to the mighty Professor Hubbard’s EV chart. We’re back in “ass kicking” territory again—and this is before either the pussy grabbing data or the fallout from tonight’s debate have had time to register—with Clinton’s winning probability back up in the high 90th percentile once more.



Still not much movement in the downballot situation, with the chances of the Dems re-taking control of the senate not much better than 50/50 anywhere, and a bit less than that in most places. That could change very quickly, of course.

As I’ve been writing this, between trips back and forth to the kitchen (Sunday is bread-baking and soup-making day around here) it’s clear that events are now moving so rapidly, and new “scandals” are erupting at such a furious pace, that any attempt to evaluate “where we are and what’s actually happening” is doomed to failure before it even begins.

About all I’m willing to guess is that, starting with the debate this evening, this coming week is going to be a complete fucking zoo. I don’t think there’s much Trump can do at this point to salvage a viable campaign out of the wreckage, and certainly the emerging trends in the data support that conclusion, but hey, shit happens.

What the hell the political landscape is going to look like by this time next Sunday, and who is left standing, I have no idea.

let’s keep this short…

Because it’s really not that complicated.


Thing One;  Donald Trump’s sleazy little speech about “you can do anything you want” was not simply locker-room talk engendered by testosterone poisoning, though godknows the world is overfull of that.

Nor is this about the epidemic and profoundly hypocritical sexual squeamishness for which US culture is world-infamous.

Neither is it about mere fantasizing about imaginary possibilities—though that, along with so many of his other utterances about everything from brown people to climate change—would be plenty bad enough

No. This was a proud account of conduct actually committed with impunity by reason of power and wealth. There is no other way to frame this.

Thing Two; Donald Trump, by his own admission, not just committed felonious acts, but clearly sees no reason to be anything other than gleeful about it.

Thing Three;  He belongs, therefore, in prison, and after release he belongs on the sexual offender registry. Nowhere else.

The end.

any questions?

This guy is running for President of the Untied States of America—the year is 2016—and he dismisses out of hand the notion of  “all men are created equal”—which I seem to recall is something of an important sentiment in US history—and he then talks repeatedly and unambiguously about himself as being genetically superior.

And not just any old arbitrary kind of genetic superiority either, he’s quite happy to be specific.

You know I’m proud to have that German blood.

There’s no question about it.

Great stuff!

This is actually happening. Now. In plain sight.

Any questions?

trumpistan needs you!!!

  A few hours ago the Trump campaign sent out the following text to supporters;

Let’s fact check Hillary & expose her lies. Join my #BigLeagueTruth Team now & help get the truth out during the debates. Sign up —> www.bit.ly/2dAbvi7 -DJT

If you’re, um, deplorable enough to follow the link you get to a page that looks like this;


And if you fill out the form and send it, you’ll get one of these in your email inbox;


I don’t imagine we’ll get hordes of Trumpers congregating here, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be in evidence in the big websites’ comment threads, particularly those which host “liveblog” coverage of the debates and quite probably in ensuing comment threads from here to November.

I was briefly tempted to set up a burner email just to see what kind of crazy comes my way, but happily the feeling soon passed.

Democracy via Tweets and Texts, folks. What could possibly go wrong?

(h/t The Concourse)

still afloat, but listing just a little…

As usual, we start with an overview of the lunacy, and it’s been a busy week, so this will run long.

Just a reminder, as we fondly relive these events, that what we’re looking at here is the electoral contest for the presidency of the US, which is also the contest for the “commander-in-chief” of the most powerful military in the entire history of human affairs. Powerful enough, in fact.  to render this entire planet uninhabitable for major mammalian species for perhaps centuries.

I say that just as a nudge to remind us, in the face of the particularly concentrated grade-school shenanigans so starkly evident in the following accounts, that while none of this matters in galactic terms—there’s no empirically verifiable evidence to suggest that the galaxy, even the planet, gives a shit if it’s populated by the genus homo or not—in human terms we might want to at least try to remember we actually do have a dog in the hunt;

So, onward.

The much ballyhooed “debate” happened, and it, along with the fallout from it, dominated the entire week’s news cycles. Trump won of course, because he’s a winner and that’s what he does.

After just a short while, however, it became clear that his performance was being widely characterized as some variant of  “the worst ever”.  In part that’s because the media has belatedly woken up to the fact that Trump is somewhat more sinister than the comedic novelty candidate they’ve been treating him as for a year or more and now they’re scrambling to catch up, and because by any traditional political calculus his performance was indeed truly awful.

First the good news. Trump is starting to slip just a little.

First the good news. Trump is starting to slip just a little.

So awful in fact that even the bottom-feeders who populate places like Stormfront (to which I will not link for what should be obvious reasons), and who are all Trump fanboys, recognized just how bad his performance was.

Here we go. The Hag has won. Trump has no chance. Give up folks. The Beast has won.

They did, of course, identify the reasons quickly enough;

Even the reporter said afterwords how many times the nig moderator interrupted Trump, but never interrupted  Hildabeast.

This set the stage for as surreal a week as there’s ever been in US politics. The highlights then, in no particular order;

  • After an assurance during the debate that he “absolutely would” accept the result of the November election no matter how it turned out, Trump reversed himself on that shortly thereafter by saying;

    “We’re going to have to see. We’re going to see what happens. We’re going to have to see.”

    He also repeated warnings about a “rigged election” and again recommended that his followers “go and watch the polling places and make sure it is on the up and up”.

  • As the reality of Trump’s poor debate performance became more evident, he reversed his initial evaluation of the moderator’s performance as “just fine” and began asserting his questions were more “hostile” than those directed at Clinton, and then suggested his microphone malfunctioned and wondered aloud if that was deliberate. (The stage techs had rigged redundancy into the sound recording by providing each candidate with two mics, one clip-on and one on the podium)
  • Naturally it didn’t take long for vigilant Trump supporters to discover that the debate was indeed rigged, and that Clinton was in fact communicating with Lester Holt, the “biased” (and registered republican) moderator, by using a secret hand-signal code which enabled her to ensure softball questions and/or an opportunity to deliver rehearsed “zingers”. Coming in from another direction, Howard Dean suggested in a tweet that Trump’s animated state in the early going in combination with his frequent “sniffing” was suggestive of cocaine use.
  • Trump then went into a bizarre kind of circuitous attack mode by bringing up the subject of Bill Clinton’s history of sexual indiscretions by congratulating himself on how “gentlemanly” he was for not bringing that subject up in front of Chelsea Clinton, who, he said, is “very nice”.

    And now the bad news. This is as good as it's going to get for at least 4 more years.

    And now the bad news. This is as good as it’s going to get for at least 4 more years.

  • Trump spent much of the week digging out from under his public belittling of one Alicia Machado, a  winner of the Miss Universe title back when Trump owned that horrible spectacle, by calling her “Miss Piggy” and “an eating machine” when Machado gained some weight after winning the contest. Machado, who was a teenager at the time and who descended into some difficulties with bulimia as a result, spoke about her experiences with Trump’s public browbeating. Trump, who by his own admission loves fast food and who by any objective standard is himself hovering close to the morbidly obese boundary,  attempted to defuse the issue by, as is typical, doubling down;

    “She weighed 118 pounds or 117 pounds and she went up to 170, so this is somebody who likes to eat…”

  • Continuing his refusal to release his tax returns “while under audit”, Trump proposed that he would “go against the advice of his lawyers” and indeed release them in exchange for Clinton releasing the 30,000 (or whatever) emails that were deleted from her private server. Then, later in the week, a leaked copy of his tax return from 1995 was published in the New York Times which showed that business guru Donald Trump had lost $916 million. This apparently permits taking advantage of a section in the tax code which allows that loss to cancel out any tax liability on an equivalent amount of personal income spread over 18 years. So Trump may well have not paid any income taxes for the best part of two decades.  This is being touted by his surrogates as evidence of his brilliance. Here’s Rudy Guliani polishing a turd as only he can;

    “My response is, he’s a genius. … Absolute genius,”

    Democrats have high hopes this revelation will really hurt Trump’s campaign, and maybe it will, but I’m not so sure. So long as it’s legal, this alone may not move the needle much. My guess would be the internal dialog of most people on this issue might go something like this; “Trump’s a dick, but if I was a high roller, would I decline to take advantage of the law?”

  • In a focus-group style “Second Debate Preparation Survey” mailing to his supporters—which in both style and scope mimics the campaign research which Clinton, that despised establishment politician, has embraced for years—Trump solicits feedback on the desirability of attacking Clinton on a several fronts, including the perennial Benghazi!® “scandal”, Clinton’s “proud claim to put a lot of coal miners out of business”, her Wall Street funding and paid speeches, her flipflop on the TPP,  her description of Trump’s supporters as a “basket of deplorables” and many others.   (This survey is worth checking out at the link. In among the expected dross are some points which really do focus on HRC’s vulnerabilities, and which if properly handled could really hurt her campaign.)
  • Finally, displaying evidence that Hillary Clinton has not completely abandoned campaign ineptitude and continues to sacrifice imagination and vision on the altar of triangulation, comes a hacked sound recording of Clinton giving a speech eerily reminiscent of the enormously damaging  “48% speech”  by Romney in the last election cycle. Speaking to a gathering of private donors back in February, in an extract from her remarks which seem custom-designed to belittle and thus piss off many of the Sanders’ supporters whose enthusiasm she will need if she is to win the election, she said (emphasis mine);

    It is important to recognize what’s going on in this election. Everybody who’s ever been in an election that I’m aware of is quite bewildered because there is a strain of, on the one hand, the kind of populist, nationalist, xenophobic, discriminatory kind of approach that we hear too much of from the Republican candidates. And on the other side, there’s just a deep desire to believe that we can have free college, free healthcare, that what we’ve done hasn’t gone far enough, and that we just need to, you know,  go as far as, you know, Scandinavia, whatever that means, and half the people don’t know what that means, but it’s something that they deeply feel.

OK, enough.

Onward to the week’s polling. At least the trend has reversed a little, no doubt due to the debate and the subsequent barrage of negative media coverage of Trump’s performance.  Here’s the mighty Professor Hubbard’s EV chart;


Hubbard now has Clinton’s chances back up in the 90th percentile of probability, and takes a minute to explain, quite plausibly, why that is, and why he’s unpersuaded that the race is anything like as close as Nate Silver’s models represent it to be.

Once again, though, let’s take a final minute to remember that using any traditional political calculus, any single one of the many items we’ve covered over the weeks here would have utterly torpedoed any other candidacy, and that, as yet, has not happened to Trump.

He’s still afloat, albeit listing a little and with some rips in his sails, but in this election cycle just a few days is long enough for the latest controversy on the one side to be eclipsed by a different one on the other, so we’re going to have to wait before we know if he’s holed below the waterline or not. I’m not at all persuaded that he is.

So for now the dominant narrative remains just how very different this election cycle really is, and just how unpredictable.

raise your hand

And now the inimitable comedy styling of Donald J. Trump.

Raise your hand if you’re not a Christian Conservative, I wanna see this, right? …. oh, there’s a couple people, that’s all right.

I think we’ll keep them, right?

Should we keep them in the room? Yes?


this one ain’t too shabby

This one is from “Priorities USA Action“, which I take to be some kind of PAC  (founded in 2011, apparently), and not the HRC campaign.

Real simple, real short, real rapid response, and not half bad.

What a fucking assrocket.

still crazy, and still afloat v5.0

Hooo boy, things sure aren’t any better.

Before we get to the numbers, let’s relish once again the happenings over the last week or so, though I’m quite sure nobody will read any of this given that everyone’s attention must surely be riveted to the Guardian’s spellbinding series called “The Vagina Dispatches”.

This is where we can learn that a vagina can be built from a penis and a scrotum, that orgasms can make a person desire something called “a wee”, and that since a female orgasm cannot, apparently, be measured in any “standard” and reliable way, researchers are now beginning to question if there actually is such a thing.

I kid you not.


  • Trump continued his hostility to “freedom of expression” by suggesting that it’s an obstacle in the fight against terrorism™ because magazines which explain how to craft explosive devices can’t be banned. “Now people will go crazy, they’ll say, ‘Oh Trump is against freedom of the press.’ I’m not against. I’m totally in favor of freedom of the press. But how do you allow magazines to be sold?” he said.
  • In a reversal of a years-long conspiracy campaign suggesting that Barack Obama was born in a mud hut in Kenya like most black people outside the US, Trump announced that he now believes him to be a natural born citizen, only to reply, mere hours later,  to a question about what changed his mind with the suggestion that, well, he really hadn’t, if you know what I mean. Wink wink, nudge nudge;hair-furer

    “Well I just wanted to get on with … I wanted to get on with the campaign. A lot of people were asking me questions. We want to talk about jobs. We want to talk about the military. We want to talk about ISIS and get rid of ISIS. We want to talk about bringing jobs back to this area because you’ve been decimated so we just wanted to get back on the subject of jobs, military, taking care of our vets, etc.”

  • At the same time that Charlotte was breaking out in mass protests at yet another unarmed black man being killed by yet another cop, and in response to a question from the audience about how to stop “black on black” crime, Trump proposed the widespread adoption of the show me your papers laws stop-and-frisk policies previously deployed by Guliani in New York and since ruled unconstitutional.
  • Then it was announced that the Clinton campaign had invited someone called Mark Cuban, a person commonly described as “the anti-Trump billionaire”, to attend the first debate. This so upset Trump that he immediately tweeted his intent to invite Gennifer Flowers to the debate and sit her prominently in the front row. Ms Flowers tweeted back with a big wet kiss, expressing her delight and promising to attend.

    “Hi Donald. You know I’m in your corner and will definitely be at the debate!…💋”

    A Trump surrogate and campaign “advisor”, serious weirdo General Michael Flynn, wondered aloud why anyone would invite Cuban anyway, given that he’s “not a legitimate person”.

  • And finally, in what is clearly a piece of madness induced by the Trump campaign, and a clear sign of the death of the news media (although it must be said that the campaign of Pat “bongo drums on every corner” Buchanan some years ago produced some smaller-scale similar lunacy), CNN ran a panel discussion in response to the bombs which detonated in NYC injuring more than a score of people,  wondering “does the bombing suspect deserve due process?”.  You just can’t make this shit up.

OK, straight to the mighty Professor Hubbard’s sphincter-tightening EV graph;


The only “toss-up” in Hubbard’s model right now is Florida, which most other sites have “leaning Trump”.  Clinton still wins even if Trump prevails in Florida in this model, of course, but that’s hardly comforting.

Sam Wang has the EV count as a tad less bleak than Hubbard right now, with Wang showing Clinton at 294 and Trump at 244.  Silver has the EV count almost as bleak as Hubbard, with Clinton at 279.

Tomorrow night is the first debate, which is being hyped as possibly the “most watched” something-or-other cage-match in the history of the galaxy.  To actually watch it I’d have to drive 30 miles downvalley and another 30 back, in the dark, on a highway which has the 2nd highest wildlife collision frequency rate in the whole state of Colorado (at this time of year it’s basically 30 miles of skidmarks and blood), and then try to persuade some beer joint to switch to that channel.

Obviously that ain’t gonna happen.

So if any resident wordwhirler here at 9thousandfeet has a) a television, and b) the fortitude to actually watch the damn thing, and c) the willingness to compose an eyewitness account and post it here, that would be lovely.

I’ll have to be content commenting on media’s response later in the week, after pulling in another load of firewood from up near Buck Creek.