breakfast epiphanies

Here’s a headline you don’t see everyday, more’s the pity, concerning the breakfast specials at Sam’s Morning Glory Cafe in south Philly;

Morning Glory Diner’s “Scalia is a Douche” breakfast special sells out in record time…


Antonin Scalia, culinary muse

According to the owner of the Morning Glory Diner, Carol Mickey, one of the staff members, Sean Gaittens, comes up with the weekend specials every Friday, and he originally suggested the Scalia menu item as a joke. Then on the menu it went as the  “Scalia is a Douche”— scrambled eggs with andouille sausage, tomato, scallions and monterey jack cheese. Took off like a rocket, by all accounts;

There was enough sausage to make around 150 of the dish, and it was so popular on Saturday that it sold out by 10 AM on Sunday morning, within two hours of the doors opening.

Hell, that ain’t nothin';

“The Supreme Court Finally Got It Right” quiches — with tomatoes, prosciutto, spinach and brie or all veg with asparagus, onion and smoked mozz — sold out even more quickly.

This is so totally a 9thousandfeet kinda story—it has almost everything this place is about; politics, law,  food, humor, irreverence. Oh, and the only business model (and motto) that’s worth a damn.

Discussing it later that evening, Mickey’s husband did ask her if she was afraid of offending anyone, to which she replied that she was not — if someone was offended, she didn’t need them as a customer (the restaurant’s motto is “Be nice or leave”).

“Not one single person complained,” she told Billy Penn on Sunday afternoon. “The atmosphere in here was really wonderful. People were just loving saying it! ‘I’ll have the Scalia is a Douche, please.’”

sunday services

Well, not services exactly, but a nifty little collection of pearl-clutching by some of the usual suspects about the likely results of the Supreme Court so recklessly poking god in the eye.

Gotta say, though, that I saw three brand spanking new Stars and Bars battle flags flying in front yards on my way into town yesterday. Those are new additions on top of the normal background count of three or four Stars and Stripes and one Gadsden on that particular 30 mile stretch of highway.


bryan melts down…

…but you’ve gotta admit, even if grudgingly, the guy is good.


Not many people could take a Supreme Court decision as a springboard to invoke 9-11, the twin towers, Islamic jihad, truth and righteousness blasted to rubble, serfdom, cultural elites in black robes, slaveholders with whips, judicial tyranny, Pearl Harbor and Sodom and Gomorrah.

Not in less than two and a half minutes, they couldn’t.

anyone got a match?

Rick Scarborough, a Texas preacher and one of those people the mainstream media likes to call a “conservative activist” but which anyone in their right mind calls a tea-bagger whacko theocrat, made a small flurry of news a week ago or so with this little hissy fit over the prospect of an impending SCOTUS decision affirming the right to gay marriage;

Brother Rick

Brother Rick

“We’re simply being pre-emptive and saying, no matter what the cost, we are not going to bow, we are not going to bend, and we will burn.”

This hairy-chested twaddle has been presented as a promise to self-immolate in protest should the Court decide in favor of Satan, but I don’t for one minute think that’s it.

It’s not easy to know what a Christer might mean by “we will burn” other than either; a) burn in hell as a result of sin, or b) be burned at the stake by some other Christer group (heretical, obviously) over some trivial point of dogma, or c) set themselves on fire in protest.

Since this whacko states an intention to defy the Supreme Court, should they be so demonically possessed as to affirm a constitutional right for the ‘mos to marry and thus bring about the destruction of the republic, we must assume it’s not a).

He could easily be referring to the idea that atheists under Satanic influence are on the verge of rounding up whackos like him and burning them in the public square. This is tempting, of course, but unlikely to happen. But since c) is not, so far as I’m aware, something that Christers are known for, it being more of a Buddhist hobby, I’m thinking b) is what he’ll now say he meant, and that the atheists are busily collecting the faggots (Irresistible. Sorry. I blame it on demonic forces) for the ceremonies as we speak.

But just in case it is c) after all, anyone got a light?


if I had a hammer…

I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me believe me, and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will have Mexico pay for that wall.


Yes, TheDonald is running for real, or at least as “for real” as this wretched little fuckwit ever gets.

This has to be some kind of pinnacle of stupid, doesn’t it? Christ, let’s hope it’s a pinnacle anyway.

people of walmart

Yeah I know, there’s a website with that name which photographically documents the visual horrors to be found there. And hooo-boy are there ever horrors.

But all is not lost. Right here, in as good an Exhibit A as can be found for legalized marijuana (‘cos with carfully cultivated marijuana readily available, this is the kind of caper which passes for mischief), we have a coupla cool cats in a Wallyworld. One of them picks up a plastic guitar off the toy shelf and cuts loose, maybe even contributing a smidgen to the salvation of the human race.


As some of you know, Mrs 9thousandfeet waits table for a living, so this is an “empower the service worker” kinda household.

Here’s what ought to happen to every assrocket who thinks the waitstaff are actually a menu item.

Not sure what the menu covers in Russia are made from, but judging by the effectiveness here when deployed as a club, it’s probably kryptonite.