Here’s an interesting piece published yesterday – it seems that the youth camp in Utøya where (as of this writing) at least 80 people were killed, was politically active in the BDS Movement, which briefly stated is a movement opposed to Israel’s settlement building policy and supportive of a Palestinian State.


A translation of the photo caption is;

AUF WANT BOYCOTT: Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store was met by demands that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state when he visited the Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya Thursday. Here the Minister ushered around in the camp of the AUF leader Eskil Pedersen. (Reuters)

and a translation of the text in the article reads;

During the second day of Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya got the Labour Party’s young hopefuls visit by Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store.

Together with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation correspondent Sidsel Wold and Norwegian People’s Aid Kirsten Belck-Olsen, discussed the Foreign Minister of the deadlock between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

As foreign minister arrived Utøya he was met with a demand from the AUF that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state.

– The Palestinians must have their own state, the occupation must end, the wall must be demolished and it must happen now, said the Foreign Minister to cheers from the audience.

There are now reports that Anders Behring Breivik, who has been arrested in connection with the killings and the bomb blast in Oslo has a history of Nationalist and anti-Islamic views.

Here’s a translation from a portion from this article on what is known so far about his background;

In online debates marks Anders Behring Breivik as well read, and one with strong opinions about Norwegian politics. He promotes a very conservative opinions, which he also called nationalist. He expresses himself strongly opposed to multiculturalism – that cultural differences can live together in a community.

Breivik has had many posts on the site, an Islam-critical site that publishes news and commentary.

In one of the posts he states that politics today no longer revolves around socialism against capitalism, but that the fight is between nationalism and internationalism. He expressed clear support for the nationalist mindset.

Anders Breivik Behring has also commented on the Swedish news articles, where he makes it clear that he believes the media have failed by not being “NOK” Islam-critical.

As of now there have been no official announcements, and the politics of the attacks are still unclear.

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  1. gryff says:

    As of now there have been no official announcements, and the politics of the attacks are still unclear.

    Yes they are gunny. So I am not sure why you are saying :

    There are now reports that Anders Behring Breivik, who has been arrested in connection with the killings and the bomb blast in Oslo has a history of Nationalist and anti-Islamic views.

    Seems a rather Murdochian reaction to me

    gryff :)

  2. frances 56 (elaine) says:

    A terrible day for Norway.Heartbreaking and depressingly hardcore : Here is an English version of VG,the newspaper that had it offices at the center of the Oslo explosion :

  3. gunnison says:

    Seems a rather Murdochian reaction to me

    If you mean I’m too far forward on my skis, it’s a fair cop.

    Several news outlets are reporting Breivik’s right wing nationalist history, and now his self description of holding “Christian conservative views”

    On digging around I found the political activist BDS connection to the youth camp in Utøya, something not appearing in the MSM at the time I wrote the post.

    I’m ok with suggesting the possibility of a connection between the two, given that this was not a spur-of-the-moment attack, clearly both were planned in advance, which means the targets were identified in advance also.

    But could I now be seeing Christian zionist, anti-multiculturalist Nationalist crazies behind very tree?
    I’ve been studying up on Rick Perry, to be ready in the event he runs for the GOP nomination, so yeah, I sure could.

  4. Di-Ohso says:

    An awful, tragic event. And very disturbing to see such a rise in Nationalist activity.

    A few days ago on [I think] the BBC I was reading about Rudolph Hess one of Hitler’s henchmen.
    He was jailed for war crimes and finally killed himself in prison at the age of 92.

    At the request of his family, he was buried in a family plot in his home village, but the villagers were becoming disturbed at the amount of pilgrims visiting his grave. [I presume by pilgrims we could read Right Wingers]. Consequently, the authorities are going to dig him up, cremate the remains and scatter them on the sea.

    It’s all very disturbing.

  5. Robbie says:

    On the BBC early this morning it was reported that the gunman wandered around for an hour and half leisurely shooting people before police arrived. NPR says it was a half hour. I expect we will find out later which is more accurate.

    But what I am wondering is why no one stopped him. Hundreds of young adults could not bring down one man with a gun as he wandered around shooting down their comrades for that length of time?

  6. Elena says:

    This is terrible. For something like that to come out of the blue. i am always amazed how fragile life really is.

    But lets not make the same mistakes me made when Gabrielle Giffords was shot.

  7. […] becomes clearer. Thursday, the day before the killings, Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store paid a visit, where he was greeted by banners calling for a boycott of Israeli goods and for recognition of […]

  8. gunnison says:

    OK buster, you get one free pass here with your trackback. You want to appear in person and discuss, you’re totally welcome, but if you do that shit again you’re outthere. Fair warning.
    I’m letting you slide this time in exchange for the link off your blog from the NYT

    “We are not sure whether he was alone or had help,” a police official, Roger Andresen, said at a televised news conference. “What we know is that he is right wing and a Christian fundamentalist.”

    Many thanks.

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