Gunnison: This is for you.

I know you like photography, and I immediately thought of you when I saw this page.

*Oh wow, Di, those are fabulous. Forgive me if I post a couple of pictures here. And y’all, for the rest, do follow the link Di gave. – g;

Eight years ago photographer Brian David Stevens headed to the cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday to take pictures of the war veterans who gathered as part of the commemorations which are held across the UK in honour of those who died in wars and conflicts.

Yet Brian is not taking pictures of the parade, instead he is making portraits of the veterans themselves, compelling photographs of those who have fought for their country.




2 Responses to Gunnison: This is for you.

  1. Di-Ohso says:

    Do you see what I mean about the eyes?

  2. gunnison says:

    I do, of course.
    I picked those two out of the pack for that very reason.

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