Spent some time on and off this weekend with 9mile and a few others playing tag team on an inane article on immigration by Gary Younge.  There were a few posters in the tails of the distribution from the anti-American Brit contingent, and the frothing right here, but there was overall a surprising concensus within the 3 standard deviations of posters that the article was esentially crap.  This poster basically summed it up, and with an equally poignant follow up post –


I am an American leftist, but I have to agree that you always, or nearly always, portray the US in a negative light. I’m tired of it, so tired, I don’t even want to respond to the particulars of this article. You’re little more than a hit man for the Guardian. I guess somebody has to do it. Nothing personal, right. Just a contract, right. You’re being used, buddy.

I couldn’t even be arsed to check in on AMC’s posts this weekend.

So i got to wondering just how the Guardian USA was faring in pulling in Americans (and others) to the new site, so i checked it out on Alexa.  You can see on the above picture, which measures the traffic, that it starts up in September when the Graun USA launched.  The next graph shows the past 3 months. 

But that’s not telling us much as is, so we need a comparison with other media that appeals to similar targeted demographics –

That blue line hanging around the bottom of the graph above is the Graun.

Yay, finally the Graun is on top!  But no, that’s the bounce rate.  Or, the percentage of visits to the Graun USA that consist of a sigle pageview before leaving, or “bouncing” off.  And the Graun USA is back down at the bottom again for the final graph here, which is the amount of time a visitor spends on the site.

Must try harder.  Glad that we have 9000 Feet here Gunny.

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  1. gunnison says:

    This is interesting.
    One thing I don’t get is the difference between and, at least here at my house.
    If I enter in the browser it redirects automatically to anyway. Is that something that happens because I have a US IP address or what?
    What’s the difference?

  2. bluthner says:

    And then there must be plenty of people like me who stopped reading Gary Young’s stuff a long time ago. He generally seems (or seemed) to latch onto a small factoid and extrapolate from there to some absurd conclusion. A bit like Glenn Dreck et al, just headed in the opposite direction. Which is less than useless to the cause of good government, functioning civil society and justice.

  3. Amy aka RTJ says:

    Gunny –

    It’s the same here (as we’re in the same country, obviously). The way i got around it was to put as the homepage bookmark in my preferences. So my homepage default is the UK site. All other pages on the site (when you click on them then) are under the It is a bit confusing though, i do wonder what address the UK sees when they pull down the “US” tab on the homepage, do they still show it as i wonder? Definitely those stats are probably off a bit somewhere as a result.

    Bluth –

    I tend not to read his stuff most of the time either. I can think of exactly one column of his that i thought was really good (it was on same-sex marriage i think). Otherwise he just gets it so wrong.

  4. Amy aka RTJ says:

    Gunny –

    The interesting thing about those stats (leaving aside any errors due to the domain name) is that you would expect the total traffic to the US Graun to be low, it’s a new site. But the bounce rate and time spent on the site doesn’t bode well.

    The Beast isn’t looking great either though, and it looks like MT would have theoretically had a larger potential audience on the Graun UK than on the Beast. But you can’t really tell that from those stats, you’d have to somehow look at the stats from his own sections on both papers.

  5. Amy aka RTJ says:

    Here’s a few more charts. If you’re on the USA site, most clicks from the homepage seem to take you to the site. So that may explain the high bounce rate a bit, and also the low time on site. This first site shows the sites that visitors to the US site immediately preceding and following the Graun US site. A very large percent leads into the site. A much smaller percent leads from the UK site into the US. The second shows the traffic to and from the UK site, the US site doesn’t even figure in the percentages.

  6. Elena says:

    Gary Yonge is ridiculous, AMC is just fluff.

    But I do have a certain allegiance to the Guardian based on my years in the UK when it was the only liberal quality newspaper. Plus it has a killer crossword.

    I depend on other web-sites for news, principally of course the NYT. But I am also a big fan of HuffPo and increasingly in this hectic political season Politico.

  7. Amy aka RTJ says:

    Elena –

    I vastly prefer the Guardian UK to the USA version. For UK and world news primarily, and also for culture. They do have the best comment system of all. Especially with MT gone, their coverage of US issues is generally pretty clueless.

  8. KevinNevada says:

    I think that AMC may be improving, gradually. I exchanged emails with Seaton in the process of lobbying for Lefty’s return (a priority of his, too BTW) and they do understand the problems with Anna Marie.
    Her posts are very light and very short. She needs to work at this, not toss out facile comments like most of the folks BTL. MT was a workhorse, his commitment to writing runs deeper. Her latest offerings show a slight improvement.

    I agree re. Gary Younge. He does not understand the US very well at all.

    Remember that for years, CiF was edited by that silly Marxist Seamus Milne and his influence continues. For example, last Th. when the last US flag came down in Baghdad, they posted up two “balanced” essays: one from a “the US is now finished” mindset, and to “balance” that, an offensive piece of crap from John Bolton.

    I commented twice on what a stupid approach to “balanced commentary” this was, and both posts were removed. Not just deleted-with-a-note, all trace that they ever existed was gone.

    The ultimate crime on CiF is to hurt the feelings of the precious little souls who run it. That was Lefty’s crime in his latest banning, BTW – he was mod’ed in a thread on soccer or rugby, upon which he can write with knowledge and he made fun of the moderator, and then got banned.

    I have learned from this. I will never ever make fun of Gunnison.

  9. Amy aka RTJ says:

    “I have learned from this. I will never ever make fun of Gunnison.”


    I think Seamus Milne was before my time there. Matt seems like a nice guy but very clueless in terms of his comments and what he commissions. The UK journos there seem to overall have a very good to excellent grasp on politics and policy (at least when they can see it without the usual bias), but little to no clue as to what it’s like to live here (without G-provided job, salary, housing, health insurance, etc), or how it plays out on the ground.

    Something that mostly all on MT’s blog (and even your friend Ng) agreed on is that MT had the hide of an elephant. Gary is a thin skinned pouting whiner.

    9 had a post on Gary’s thread that disappeared into thin air too, wish i caught it before it did. I hope he’s not on the naughty step again.

  10. Amy aka RTJ says:

    The moderator that cracks me up the most though is Rusbridger’s facile daughter. Any mention of that fact gets your post modded off before you can blink too.

  11. gunnison says:

    I have learned from this. I will never ever make fun of Gunnison.

    I wish you would rethink this.
    I need all the help I can get.

  12. KevinNevada says:


    Oh, argue with you, yes. But ridicule, never. :-)


    Milne was also ‘before my time’ on CiF but he still posts some very silly stuff and the editors still lean his direction. They tolerated some disgustingly obvious paid-trolls for Qaddafi during that recent war, all in the name of ‘struggling socialism’ or something. And they have a glib and smug little Marxist who posts stuff on behalf of Hugo Chavez almost every week.

    (One harmless legacy: a regular by name of “Berchmans”, knee-jerk pacifist, but sometimes very entertaining.)

    MT is a tough guy. He is from a rough environment, union organizing in WV and all. I imagine that too many of these hothouse flowers who run CiF never got their knuckles bloody during recess at school – went to schools where real fights were never allowed.

    Now what I want to know is: how the hell did ‘ng’ ever get defined as my ‘friend’??

    No, I did not miss that one. Low blow, that was.

    At least that asshole “moveanymountain” has vanished lately. That is something to be grateful for. Correcting his smug nonsense was hard work – there was SO MUCH of it.

  13. KevinNevada says:


    on this I am clueless: who is “Rusbridger’s facile daughter”?


  14. KevinNevada says:


    I beat you to a reply. Got curious, checked into the matter.

    In my time blogging on CiF I have not looked too much into the staff behind it. This Rusbridger and his wife and their pals, what a combo.

    And that ‘facile daughter’ was precisely the one I fell afoul of, this weekend over the Bolton piece. Check this out:

    You will note that the precious Isabella was the one who tried to justify their silly try at “balance” with Bolton/vs. some far-left fool, with no really thoughtful commentary from anyone worth reading. I posted comments on this foolishness twice, and both vanished without any trace.

    Valten76 got a good comment in, it was short enough they had to tolerate it.

  15. Amy aka RTJ says:

    Kevin –

    “Now what I want to know is: how the hell did ‘ng’ ever get defined as my ‘friend’??”

    In the same way that WeAreTheWorld and it’s subsequent incarnations was mine. Bete noir then, if you want a more accurate term.

    Looks like a few more folks got some unmodded licks in on that thread too.

    As to that royal flaming asshole Moveanymountain, word was it finally got banned for suggesting that disabled folks should be euthanized.

  16. KevinNevada says:


    yeah, my tirade at Bolton is near 330 R’s, which is a record. I need to select the right targets.

    I ignored the Galloway thread, knew I would be mod’ed fast.

    Back to the start of this tread: good job gleaning those stat’s. I could help them by linking through G-usa instead of G-uk as I do now, but that might improve the ratings of the facile daughter. (Great phrase, that!)

    I wonder if snarky generalized comments on nepotism are allowed.

    Thanks for cluing me in regarding that one. It explained my weekend’s experience. Those removals were total, and quick also.

    Then the cowards shut down that thread, early.

    Serves them right, for publishing toxic crap from Bolton.

  17. Amy aka RTJ says:

    Kevin –

    “I wonder if snarky generalized comments on nepotism are allowed.”

    Yeah, good luck with that one. Not like it hasn’t been tried before. (Not by me) :)

    The one guy i hope does well is Busfield, who writes about US sports now. He seems like he totally loves it and knows what he’s talking about, but the Graun isn’t exactly a destination site for US sports.

  18. MadameMax says:

    Amy – Since you’ve brought up sports, thought I would let you know that you were absolutely right about those lovely butts. I didn’t have to watch very much of them so it didn’t get boring.

  19. Amy aka RTJ says:

    Hi Madame!!!

    I didn’t even get to see the butts this year, no football on T’giving this year for me.

    (Did Evil D manage Ok?)

  20. MadameMax says:

    Amy, Evil D did fine, there was even a tiny bit of food still in his bowl when I got home. Thanks for thinking of him!

  21. Amy aka RTJ says:

    Madame –

    I love cats.

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