5 Responses to hungry?

  1. MadameMax says:

    Wow! Sir Cochise, Knight of the Excellent Dough, I salute you.

    I’m terribly envious.

  2. Cochise says:


    Thank you, thank you. The folks I give it to sure seem to like it. That’s oatmeal on the outside and sourdough with whole wheat in the middle. I’ll be eating the sourdough.

  3. Di-Ohso says:

    Fantastic. Well done :)

  4. Bluthner says:

    I stand in awe as well. Or sit…. Never has a loaf of mine come out of the oven fit to eat. Fit to brick up walls or burn in the hearth, but not to eat. Well done!

  5. Cochise says:

    Well… I’d like to take the credit but these are gunnisons recipes,( all available here) which, in my case, required a ridiculous amount of additional coaching.


    Making bakers out of brick makers is his specialty. It’s all in his book “Baking-Raising the Planet…One Loaf at a Time”. :cool:

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