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  1. Porn Chick says:

    Ok, i concede that was awesome.

    In a similar spirit, these awesome folks were brought to my attention on the music forum.

  2. Di-Ohso says:

    I’m not much on music but enjoy these guys. I love the touch of humour they put into their music.

  3. gunnison says:


    …these awesome folks were brought to my attention on the music forum.

    Oh well done!

    I love stuff like this … you just know that, in the case of the West Virginia boys, one of them runs the Ford dealership, another is the pharmacist, others perhaps plumbers, farmers — or something like that.
    I don’t think it’s weird to view such things as sources of hope, especially in days like these.

  4. Porn Chick says:

    Gunny –

    They do bang up versions of Teenage Dirtbag, Smells Like Teen Spirit, and Life on Mars too, among many others :)

  5. Porn Chick says:

    Gunny –

    o/t, but have you or Kevin ever tried to email Matt with an article proposal?

    There have been articles lately by this guy from Gawker, wonder if he’s being auditioned.

  6. KevinNevada says:

    Great offerings. My musical range is expanding, every week I hang out here.

    What did we do before YouTube?

    Amy, I suggested to Matt Seaton that they run a series of ‘participant’ essays, and also said they should pay for this content. He was interested in the idea, except for the paying part.

    But they are paying the useless AMC for a few essays and a host of tweets that she was going to spew out anyway. She ran one decent essay this week. One. Then disappeared to rest up from the strain.

    MT used to do three offerings a day, five days a week. Some were weak but many were good.

  7. Di-Ohso says:

    If memory serves correct MT was only absent from his blog for around three – 4 days when his daughter was born. It was so unusual for him to be away even for that small amount of time, that we got quite worried. Otherwise if he was going to be absent he always said why, where and for how long…

  8. Di-Ohso says:

    I guess we became spoiled….

  9. MadameMax says:

    Remember last year when Gabbie Giffords got shot, on a Saturday, and despite it being his day off, MT put up a post? Rash and jumping to conclusions it may have been, but at least he didn’t blow off something big in the news just because it was the weekend. That’s the mark of a real professional. I don’t know what to call AMC but professional she is not. It’s obvious she thinks the job is a big joke.

    I think MT did a post once when he was on vacation too, but not sure about that.

  10. gunnison says:


    but have you or Kevin ever tried to email Matt with an article proposal?

    No, I never have made any suggestions to him. He’s always been pleasant enough in the few exchanges we’ve had, but I get the sense that he’s got his own notions about what’s suitable for CiFA nowadays.
    I really don’t think someone like me, an upstart envirowhacko with a foul mouth and no real track record, is quite what he has in mind.
    I do know, from observing his drive-by comments in the threads, that he’s a bit of a prude about cussing, which I just fucking love to do, and he knows it, because I jumped his shit when he scolded GreenLake one time and asked him if he now thought he was the hall monitor.

    I am curious as to whether he was one of those pushing for AMC. I suspect so, though without hard evidence. I also suspect he’s embarrassed about how it’s playing out.
    He should be.

  11. Porn Chick says:

    I am curious as to whether he was one of those pushing for AMC. I suspect so, though without hard evidence. I also suspect he’s embarrassed about how it’s playing out.

    I hate to gamble but i’d put more than a few bucks on that one. I do get annoyed when Graun staffers (not just him, but Kev’s friend Bella, Jessica Reed, David Shariadmatdari, etc) run interference for the ATL authors.

    I think it’s too bad that they wouldn’t probably wouldn’t test drive a tag team blog with Gunny, Kevin, and Natty. Even throw in Tommy for a righty perspective.

  12. Porn Chick says:

    Kev, Gunny –

    Just wondering if you guys had ever seen the pitch guidelines at the Graun and tried your hand. Rumor has it they pay around 70 quid for a contributor article.

  13. KevinNevada says:

    Our Sunday paper here has the local press poking fun at the Nevada GOP, over the pathetic mess they made of the caucuses a week ago.
    Most sites were marred with confusion, the results took until Monday to count and Twitter fun was had. The best is by a reporter who used to work for the rightie’s rag the R-J, Molly Ball. (The G should hire her, Molly is smart and funny.)
    Here is her gem:

    “Trying to find a non-obscene-sounding way to accuse NV GOP of being a bunch of caucus-suckers.”

    Now, can AMC even come within a mile of such stuff, on a good day?

    In other good news in Vegas: the ninth Lingerie Bowl (women’s indoor football) was held here, between the LA Temptations and the Phillie Passions. So feminism is safe here in Nevada, at least.

    And the new Mob Museum, excuse me, “National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement” opens on Tuesday, in our old Federal courthouse where so many of the wise guys faced judges, from time to time.

  14. KevinNevada says:


    thanks for that lead. I’ll check into it. The money would be nice . . . .

  15. gunnison says:


    I think it’s too bad that they wouldn’t probably wouldn’t test drive a tag team blog with Gunny, Kevin, and Natty. Even throw in Tommy for a righty perspective.

    Don’t know if they would or would not, and you could always suggest it, though why would you not include yourself in the firing line?

  16. MadameMax says:

    Matt is very defensive about AMC so I think Gunny is right. I’ve had a sporadic and extremely cordial email exchange with Matt, except twice, once when I mildly (very mildly, believe it or not!) quibbled about the lack of depth of her articles, and the other day when I suggested (politely, I swear) that it seems she is off more than she’s on. This last time he was downright snide. Could be he feels like a damned fool but won’t admit a mistake has been made.

  17. Porn Chick says:

    Madame –

    You have it exactly right.

    Gunny –

    I did email Matt with one suggestion for an article by Teresa on contract workers, that he did in fact commission and it got published last week. (Too bad the comments started to lose steam as it got trolled by Wersmall.)

    They have commissioned articles for CiF before by newbies with only a blog with one post for a CV (some by mommy bloggers). On the music forum, one guy has been gunning for a sister music blog for pay (he says that the family section pays for family memory and recipe contributions, ffs.) I think rather than someone like me suggesting folks like you guys for blog columns, you’d have a better shot if you submitted an actual proposal for an article as per the guidelines. You have a fairly long running blog here, you could add some blog clips or a CV.

    As for including myself, i am no writer. I crunch numbers and do research. And there are many others much better at it than i am. You, Kevin, And Natty can write. I suppose i could be the designated interference runner, except that none of you guys need it :)

    Even a regular American slob on the ground type series could be interesting though. All of us are from different states, then throw in the other CiF yank regulars and you have even more.

  18. KevinNevada says:


    our Matt is very likely getting it from both sides – a string of comments from MT-lando, and from his bosses too.

  19. MadameMax says:

    a string of comments from MT-lando

    Kevin, that could explain his unpleasant response to me, because what I wrote to him really did not call for that. Not too long ago at the tail end of a thread (not sure if it was AMC or someone else’s), I, for the first time, joined in there with the criticism of AMC. Matt probably at least skims all the comments and so I suppose he saw that little gripe fest and does not feel kindly toward me anymore..

  20. Porn Chick says:

    Madame –

    I’m not at all sure that Matt reads the comments past the first page. From some things i’ve gathered from him, i’d bet that he doesn’t.

  21. KevinNevada says:

    In a lighter vein, and at the risk of copying another’s contribution here, I found this:

    The Ukulele Orchestra doing the theme from “Shaft”.

  22. Porn Chick says:

    The Ukelele Orchestra is the shit. (Have to say i don’t much care for their cover of Satisfaction though.)


  23. Porn Chick says:

    Hmm, why did that first link not show the video? Worth a click anyway though, the link works.

  24. NatashaFatale says:

    Madame and Her Porn-o-rific Majesty and Gunny and Kevin and DO-

    I suspect that with the best of intentions, we’re coming off as entitled ingrates to poor Matt. Imagine him to be the harrassed fellow we pretty much know he is, and imagine what he may be thinking now.

    We put this page together when nobody in their own damn country would.

    We hired Tomasky and gave him a forum and treated him and his followers as well as anybody ever has. Do they think we fired him or something?

    So then we went out and solicited an A-player to step in and take his spot, and the complaining started on day one. And she didn’t handle it well. And she’s handling it less well every day, and maybe, yes, we really did get snookered — trying to give them what they want. And yes we know we have to do something about it but Jeebus can’t we get a little slack while we’re doing it?

    I’m not saying that he’s somehow right to take it that way, but he wouldn’t be human if he didn’t feel some of that.


    People, like me, capable of writing posts like this one without hinting at how I was floored by that sublime glimpse of shitkicker pop, and the gratitude I ought to owe for it… well, people like that can find ourselves giving offense in so many innocent little ways.

  25. Porn Chick says:

    Tash –

    It happens, but it’s kinda rare that i go on that blog and bitch nowadays. I’m generally not at all interested enough to bother.

    As to the A-player – the signs were there from before day one that there were going to be some issues, if one could be bothered to use the interwebs. The interwebs didn’t lie, at least this time.

  26. NatashaFatale says:

    Your Pornesty,

    Yes, the interwebs did not lie. I was kind of hoping that they had, and that Wonkette had done what she had to do because she couldn’t get a gig like the G but, as we see…

    Damn it, if drive-by superficiality is going to be allowed above the line, what will become of the likes of us?

  27. Porn Chick says:

    what will become of the likes of us?”

    We’re going to become 9000′ Splatter pornstars.

  28. MadameMax says:

    Natasha –– I was very supportive of AMC at the beginning, and when I realized she is what she is, I just fell silent. I did not complain about her until very recently, when it became clear that she doesn’t give a fuck about her readers.

    You weren’t around when I said here what Matt told me about why they hired her. They never intended to replace MT with anyone similar, and they are deliberately trying to appeal to what Matt called The Gawker Generation. He bragged to me that AMC has a million followers on Twitter, and that was a selling point. He pretty much said that us older folk don’t count anymore, we are not the audience they’re aiming for.

    What he didn’t seem to consider is that the people who read AMC in 140-character snippets may not be interested in, or capable of, reading anything longer, that they might not care to become regular Guardian readers, it’s not what they do.

  29. NatashaFatale says:

    Yr Pornificence,

    I sort of hesitate to ask, but are you using “splatter” in some sense that exceeds what happens when I spill my drink on my keyboard?

    Sign me,

    Still Lost Somewhere in the Big Series of Tubes

  30. NatashaFatale says:


    Well, if they thought the tread toward Twitter was somehow reversable, and they could flirt with it…

  31. MadameMax says:

    Natasha –– Splatter = Twitter

  32. Porn Chick says:

    Yeah, Splatter is Gunny’s term for Twitter. Except now he’s crossing over to the dark side, sorta. Planning some mischief, so he says.


  33. NatashaFatale says:

    Madame, Pornificatious-

    Jeebus! Do you realize how much money he’s leaving on the table here?

    Splatter! The Social Networking Platform That Sends Your Twelve-byte Blasts To Every IP Address On the Planet!

    Uh…listen, I gotta go call somebody. See you around in a couple of days and… just forget I mentioned about that other thing, OK? It was just a joke.

  34. MadameMax says:


    :-D :-D :-D

  35. MadameMax says:

    Natasha, you’ll have to cut us in or we’ll sue, like those Keitzenheimerlich or whatever twins.

  36. Porn Chick says:


  37. NatashaFatale says:


    You and your pornazoidal friend will have to get in line. We’re talking bidness here…no fooling, sure enough bidness. We can get back to the touchy-feely do-gooder shit once the papers are filed.

  38. KevinNevada says:

    Wow, is this wonderful or what?

    Someone is about to make some $’s out of all this . . .

    Me, I’m checking into the G’s thing, as soon as I can log into that website more than one “refresh” at a time.

    Thanks to the pornilicious one for that suggestion. I’ll remember you in my will. :-)

  39. MadameMax says:


    This is fun. I bet there’s a whole pornucopia of sobriquets we could get out of this.

    Amy/Rip might decide Pornie isn’t so bad after all. :-)

  40. NatashaFatale says:


    Pornspicacious observation. Doesn’t get you cut in on Splatter ™, though.

  41. Porn Chick says:

    “Doesn’t get you cut in on Splatter ™, though.”

    Don’t need one. See, i own shares in Gunnison Enterprises, parent Co. of 9000′ Corp, which has already registered Splatter ™. We’re already getting prepped for the IPO. So you go right ahead and build up that nice little business for us.

  42. NatashaFatale says:

    Holy Ponziporn, Splatterchild, I sure didn’t see that one coming! No, indeed not. I guess you’ve well and truly got me now, cuz nothing ever, ever goes wrong after the IPO.


    Your Greenmailing, Arbitraging, Short-selling High Finance Pal Forever

  43. Porn Chick says:

    I’m selling off first thing, taking my millions and running. Rupie can buy 9000’Space, i’ll take my millions and invest half in 10000’Book.

  44. Pornstar says:

    I couldn’t get this to post before, try again. Have to say i’m liking this stuff.

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