Tom May’s Death

In re bombing Iran. If our leaders won’t see sense, and act on it, or rather refuse to act -and they none of them are showing many signs of sense- then who left but the poets?

by ANDREW MARVELL (English 1621-1678)

When the Sword glitters ore the Judges head,
And fear has Coward Churchmen silenced
Then is the Poets time, ’tis then he drawes
And single fights forsaken Vertues cause.
He, when the wheel of Empire whirleth back,
And though the World’s disjointed Axel crack,
Sings still of ancient Rights and better Times
Seeks wretched good, arraigns successful Crimes.

One Response to Tom May’s Death

  1. MadameMax says:

    Very appropriate lines, Bluthner.

    Thanks for your sentiments re: Evil D on the other thread. As long as he doesn’t get a bunch more tumors, he won’t have complete hearing loss, and he has no trouble hearing that most important thing: my cell phone alarm that announces it’s meal time. He’s a stay-in cat now anyway because of where we live so he’s in no danger.

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