i give up

There’s just no point in trying to make sense out of wingnuttistan and this whole election cycle anymore. Well, there is a point, but once you wander off into the weeds even just a little bit it becomes harder and harder to know where reality ends and The Onion begins.

Voters slowly Realizing Santorum believes Every Deranged Word that comes out of his Mouth.

“I honestly thought he was just playing up to the far-right voters, because that’s what Republicans are supposed to do in the primaries,” said Grand Rapids, MI resident Dan Banks, who explained he had dismissed as manipulative campaign rhetoric Santorum’s assertion that President Obama would send Christians to the guillotine. “But now it’s dawning on me that this guy means it, all of it. Every single thing he says is an accurate depiction of how he sees the world.”

“So, when he said that Satan was currently attacking the United States, he meant exactly that,” added Banks. “Satan, the devil himself, is attacking the United States. Rick Santorum believes this is a real thing that is actually happening. I…wow. Just wow.”

Pamela Geller

The whole of wingnuttia has been foaming at the mouth about the Rush Limbaugh thing, and defending him every which way anywhere there’s a chance. Many of you will have seen the kind of mental gymnastics necessary to do that on Cif this past week or so.

Allow me to present Pamela Geller, proprietress of the website “Atlas Shrugs“.

If you’ve never heard of her, you’re lucky, she’s fucking crazy. Author of “The Post American Presidency — The Obama Administration’s War on America.” and a devout “birther”, she has proposed that the birth certificate presented by Obama is a forgery, and even if it ain’t he can’t be President because  his father was not divorced from his first wife when he married his mother and, you know, “illegitimate children had different rights … in 1789”. And then there’s creeping Sharia Law in every courthouse in America, and Ayn Rand is the “greatest philosopher in human history” and , well you get the idea.

You have been wondering why that Muslim devil-baby Obama saw fit to insert himself into the Lush Rimbaugh affair by calling that slut Ms Fluke and wishing her well. Haven’t we all?

Pamela has figured it out, even though those of you unfamiliar with this kind of reasoning might not see it — it’s his dysfunctional childhood.

Bombshell: President Obama’s gay transgender prostitute nanny!

Is it any wonder that Obama is calling Sandra Fluke to congratulate her on her rampant promiscuity?

This, too, shaped the worldview of the post-American president.

Revealed: Barack Obama’s gay transgender prostitute nanny who made him laugh by trying on his mother’s lipstick Daily Mail (David W)

  • Evie, 66, cared for future Commander in Chief she called Barry in late 60s
  • Offered job after she impressed Obama’s mother with steak and rice
  • When family left Indonesia, she became a sex worker and now lives in a slum
  • Barack Obama’s former nanny has been revealed as a gay transgender man who made the future president laugh by trying on his mother’s lipstick.’Evie’ cared for the boy she called Barry when his mother Ann Dunham moved to the Indonesian capital of Jakarta in the late 1960s. Openly gay, she would leave the house dressed in full drag – but was very careful that Barack never saw her. ‘He was so young and I never let him see me wearing women’s clothes,’ Evie said. ‘But he did see me trying on his mother’s lipstick, sometimes. That used to really crack him up.’

In fairness to our Great Country, let it be said that the link to the original leads to the Daily Mail, a Brit publication of  no small reputation as a source of outhouse paper.

You probably don’t want to know what kind of comments this sort of thing attracts. Oh! You do? OK;

Looking at his family, it’s a wonder he is only a Marxist Muslim with a pathological hatred of all things American.
Why has Evie only now come to light? I would think an inclusive libtard would have trotted her out day one of the 2008 campaign!

And it’s only March; the election is in November.  Yikes!

14 Responses to i give up

  1. Di-Ohso says:

    George Monibot has an article in the Guardian today about Ann Raynd ? the book she wrote, Atlas Shrugged? Shrugs? and her adherents…

    Blimey! I’ve seen her name mentioned a lot, but never realised quite what a poisonous person she was. Compared to her beliefs, Hitler’s SS were seventies flower children.

  2. KevinNevada says:

    Rand was the direct inspiration for the Greenspan deregulation of the conduct of financial insiders, which has cost this society trillions of dollars from several cycles of boom/bust. Alan Greenspan was a personal aide to Ayn Rand during his college years.

    Rand is also the direct inspiration for Rep. Paul Ryan’s “budget reform proposal”, a study in economic violence towards the working poor and middle class, which has been endorsed by every Republican currently in the Congress.

    Rand is the direct inspiration for a considerable fraction of the Republican Party these days.

    And yes, she was crazy and hypocritical and weird as all getout.

    As for Pam Gellar: she has also long asserted that the President is, very secretly, the “love child” of the late Malcolm X, that his mother got knocked up by Brother Malcolm during a stint living in Seattle.

    She is a notable source of anti-Islamic hate screeds.

  3. Di-Ohso says:

    People that twisted should be locked up and quietly forgotten.

  4. NatashaFatale says:

    This woman has made a successful (though niche) career out of Obama. For a while she had a certain amount of credibility (or maybe just usefulness) with the right. Comparing her to Santorum or even Limbaugh is seriously overreacting. Unless one of them again picks up one her — but we couldn’t be so lucky: since her heyday she has been memorably laughed out of several courtrooms and is now a punch line.

  5. KevinNevada says:


    yes, Geller is a discredited source of amusement. Of course, to her fans that just ADDS to her cred, if she is attacked well that just confirms she was right, lookee here . . . .

    Back when the mosque-at-ground-zero (which was neither!) was under lively debate, CiF-A was blessed with the participation of someone called “Amaros” who used the avatar emblem from Geller’s “Atlas Shrugged” website. I think it was a fan, not Geller herself, as the argumentation from that worthy was sometimes almost rational.

  6. Expat says:

    I Googled Pam Geller and was directed to some rather comely photographs showing a lady of uncertain age.

    Would that disqualify me from being a candidate in some GOP primary elections?

  7. Bluthner says:


    You are now soiled goods… Soiled goods…

    Actually I’ve read some of her screed in the past and it made me feel deeply soiled. What a loathsome pile of cess pool scum.

  8. Cochise says:

    Don’t know if any of you are Springsteen fans but his new album “Wrecking Ball” is the best he’s ever done. An absolute national anthem to the working class in this country. If OWS gets serious there are more than few battle songs to help them along.

    Me thinks the wingnuts forgot who they are and where they came from.They better pack their lunch, it’s gonna be a long day.

  9. NatashaFatale says:


    You like pictures? Here’s one of her with a silly little boy who looks vaguely familiar…

  10. MadameMax says:

    NF––I did send you an email. I’m wondering, since you didn’t get Gunny’s, if you got mine.

  11. Expat says:

    Here’s one of her with a silly little boy who looks vaguely familiar…

    Ah! – Eddie and Mary Lee’s boy – hasn’t he done well for himself.

  12. NatashaFatale says:


    Nope. The only one I got was Gunny’s telling me he’d sent the one I didn’t get. But — hint, hint — that was in reply to my email to him. Without casting aspersions on our host, I wonder if somebody’s fingers might could use a diet or such….

  13. gunnison says:


    Without casting aspersions on our host, I wonder if somebody’s fingers might could use a diet or such….

    Well yeah, people always say that. It’s like “I don’t mean to be offensive, but…”
    Seriously though, the address was/is correct, I just triple checked
    Maybe your spam filter is too tight?
    Beats me.

  14. MadameMax says:

    NF, Gunny, this is ridiculous. There’s nothing in my email address that would send it into a spam filter.

    I’ll send another test one. But, Natasha, it looks like the problem is on your end, since two were sent that you didn’t get.

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