and in local news…

A few hundred people showed up at Denver International Airport to protest Hair Führer’s  immigration order, and were met by one  Tony Lopez, a Denver Police Commander, who, with a perfectly  straight face, explained to the assembled crowd the error of their ways;

Stop doing anything which could be construed as free speech without a permit.

Then in conversation with one of the protesters, we find this delightfully informative exchange;

So, I cannot carry the constitution without a permit?


The video itself, like so many YouTube examples, is a messy dog’s breakfast, but I include it anyway to confirm the accuracy of the quotes.

If a senior officer in a police department in what is really quite a liberal city can have his head so far up his ass that he can make statements like this in all seriousness, there’s going to be no shortage of authoritarian functionaries willing to make up Hair Führer’s SS divisions, we can be sure of that.


(I’m stealing, from Tengrain over at MPS , various nicknames for characters in this current horror show. Because why not?)

3 Responses to and in local news…

  1. Madame Max says:

    Thanks for posting that, Gunny. I’ve been sitting here reading articles and ranting (drunkenly, on my second beer) at poor Natasha and that video of free speech and dancing cheered me up, despite the astonishing stupidity of the police commander Lopez.

  2. NatashaFatale says:

    For the love of God, Gunny, tell us what we need to know – what is the market doing???

  3. KevinNevada says:

    Didn’t I predict that these fuckwits would screw things up for themselves?

    Jake Tapper’s response to Bannon’s General Instruction (to STFU) was a simple, smiling, and calm:


    They cannot intimidate this country.
    We are not Germans, we don’t treasure ‘ordnung’ above all else, as they do.

    Let’s see what the job-approval poll is for the PumpkinFuhrer, after about one more week of this.

    Even Dick Cheney is against them. Darth Frigging Vader himself.

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