true colors

hair fuhrer

As if we didn’t already know that Hair Führer, our so-called president, is  a vindictive bully;

Sheriff tells Trump that state senator is doing something he doesn’t like.

Trump: “Do you want to give his name? We’ll destroy his career.”

Just imagine if Barack Obama had said something like this. Just imagine if he had owned hotels and pressured diplomatic visitors to stay in them. Just imagine how many GOP heads would be exploding.

Or if he’d said that Putin being  “a killer” who orders the murder of people who publicly criticize him was, you know, just kinda meh because hey, we’re not so innocent and we’ve got plenty of killers too. Just imagine what people like Sessions would have to say about that, assuming they’d be able to actually speak at all such would be their fury.

Just imagine if Michelle Obama was claiming damages in a law suit because an unverified accusation had scuppered her chances—in the “window of opportunity” which being the wife of a US president affords—of making a crapton of money selling shoes and fragrances and jewels.

We’d be in the middle of impeachment proceedings already, sure as eggs.

But it won’t happen, not for a long time yet if ever. Not so long as Trump is an effective bulldozer, clearing a path for the installation of policies the right, religious and otherwise, has been wet-dreaming about for more than a generation now.  Including, and let’s not pretend this is not an issue, gaining enough control of enough Statehouses to make the prospect of some choice Constitutional Amendments entirely plausible.

Right now I see only one path to minimizing the damage these fucking clowns, and their enablers in an utterly morally bankrupt GOP, will inflict upon us, and that’s;

a) A massive outburst of civil dissent on an unprecedented scale, both in terms of numbers and duration, between now and the mid-terms, and

b) A re-vitalized and re-tooled Democratic Party (which will need to be freed from the odious clutches of the DLC, and driven by grass-roots pressure) capable of mounting a campaign which could at least reacquire control of the Senate.

My instinct right now is without that, we’re fucked.

And with it, while we’d certainly have a fighting chance of leaving a recognizable republic to our progeny, it would be ugly as hell, ‘cos I firmly believe it’s expected, and meetings such as the one between Trump and his favorite Cops and Sheriffs  which was the venue for the opening quote, are preparatory to a full commitment to a merciless crushing any such attempts at resistance.

They’re playing for keeps.

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  1. NatashaFatale says:


    You’re right about the fair market value of PBS. Zilch. So a few hundred functioning radio and TV stations will have to be given away to capable, patriotic entrepreneurs – media-savvy entrepreneurs who’ll know how to finally make something of them. Hmmm. Anybody know anyone like that? Steve? You think you could help us out again here?

  2. Not at all sure the privatization of NPR would go as planned.
    Very few of the stations around here which carry NPR programming are owned by NPR. Almost all of them (KVNF in Paonia, Aspen Public Radio etc) are community owned and funded and carry BBC and other programming as well as that wretched radio equivalent of the dentist’s drill “All Things Considered”.

    I strongly suspect that cutting all Fed funding to NPR would engender a “GoFundMe” bonanza for independent radio. The infrastructure is already there in many cases.
    Of course, the FCC could try to selectively pull broadcast licenses, but that would generate a shitstorm too, I’d guess.

  3. Expat says:

    Our local NPR station, WAMC out of Albany NY, had a one day fund drive following the inauguration. Haven’t seen that in years. Usually it drags on for a week or more. Although they seem to be more aggressive and financially stable than Vermont’s VPR which is also in range.

  4. NatashaFatale says:

    Party pooper.

  5. NatashaFatale says:

    Expat – 9k, not you.

  6. KevinNevada says:

    Our PBS television station (and, I think, their NPR radio partner) are owned by our local public school district, which is the nation’s fifth largest. (It’s not Balkanized, currently includes the entire county, about two million in population.)

    Bannon and his pals cannot get their grimy fascistic fingers on that one.

    I suspect what the nuts in Congress are really after, is all the fine science programming run by CPB through the affiliates. Nova, others, run lots of informative material on climate change.

  7. NatashaFatale says:


    No, it’s just a sop to the right in general. Which has been livid about arts-funding (“You call that art???“) almost my whole life, and knew as far back as the ’60s that public broadcasting is a branch of Radio Havana.

    Didn’t like that joke? Here’s a real knee-slapper, then: not one single State Department employee was present for one second during Trump’s meetings with Bibi. You know the ones I mean, right? The meetings where Trump said, Sure, a one-state solution’s fine with me if that’s what everyone wants?

    The follow-up joke was pretty good too: one whole floor of State Department personnel laid of yesterday. You ever seen the State Department? Upper right corner of this…

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