you go, johnboy!

John Oliver is back in the saddle—and not a moment too soon—and once again demonstrates his extraordinary talents. He insists, vehemently, that he’s a comedian and not, absolutely not, a journalist.

OK, fair enough. His history of stand-up routines (which he still does from time to time) and other work certainly validates that claim, and I’m willing to extend the courtesy of taking him at his own evaluation of himself.

But that said, nobody currently on TeeVee presents politics, policies and current affairs with more clarity and accuracy (based on diligent and reliable research—he has a big staff and takes accuracy very seriously indeed) than does this guy. You’re not going to find hardly anything in the media much better, in terms of commentary on this current clusterfuck, than stuff like this;

“Since taking office around 412 years ago, Trump has made it clear that reality is not important to him … [he’s] a pathological liar with a well-documented 40-year history of bullshit…

…but it was worth taking him seriously. Trump was telling the truth about the solutions to the problems he was lying about, and he is now making real policy based on fake facts.”

This is 23 minutes of sheer, much-needed brilliance, and we need all the help we can get.

The video may be blocked for copyright/distribution reasons in your location, which has been a problem we’ve seen in the past. I wish I knew a solution to that problem, because this guy’s work needs to be seen as widely as possible, especially now.

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  1. bluthner says:


    Some versions, including the one you’ve posted, are blocked in the U.K., but I found one on U tube earlier today that was not blocked. Just by going to U tube and typing in John Oliver Trump Liar, and then clicking on the three or four versions that came up until one did not display the ‘blocked’ text.

    And yes, it’s got to the point where only a comedian can address the insanity we are looking at. And he doesn’t even have to make jokes, he just has to describe what Trump is doing with a straight face.

    All I’d quibble with is that Trump and his schtick seem more and more to be the chaff cloud blown high and wide so Bannon and his thugs can avoid direct hits themselves.

  2. NatashaFatale says:

    “…the chaff cloud blown high and wide so Bannon and his thugs can avoid direct hits themselves.” Yes. But mostly, I think, just to keep everyone’s eye off the ball on general principles.

  3. bluthner says:

    So Flynn goes down. Next up maybe Petraeus? He’s clearly a safer pair of hands, only shares classified information with patriotic journalists he is fucking. I’m sure the Russians won’t attempt to arrange a honey trap for him. I mean he’s learned his lesson, right?

    Meanwhile, more flagrant breaches of top secret security during one dinner in Mar el Lago than Hillary managed in all her years at SOS. Far more risky than sharing secrets with patriotic journalists you are fucking.

    And it’s now only 4 weeks we’ve been saddled with the tumultuous hairball. Four short weeks. Four years does not seem possible.

  4. And it’s now only 4 weeks we’ve been saddled with the tumultuous hairball. Four short weeks. Four years does not seem possible.

    Yeah, I know the feeling.

    In one sense I’m kinda with Kevin in that it’s clear that resistance is mounting on many fronts and getting bolder and more creative by the day, and it would seem impossible for this dynamic to persist for four years without the whole phony edifice collapsing under the weight of its own lies and deceits.
    In that context, one of the many questions which continues to appear in my mind is this;

    Should that begin to happen in earnest, how does Trump react? What madness might he be willing to pursue rather than endure the ignominy of being finally, once and for all, publicly exposed and rejected as the phony sack of shit he’s always been? Emergency measures? Start a real no-foolin world war? This is not the kind of person who, once plainly checkmated, would simply just write a resignation letter or make a Nixonesque speech then wave at us prior to his final ride in Marine One.

    In the event that reaction to the shenanigans which enabled this coup (and that’s what it is, let’s get real; that the arrogance and ineptitude of the Dem party establishment contributed so mightily to it does not change that fact) reach critical mass, who ringfences Trump and his loyalists to prevent them sending the entire project of humankind off the rails?

    If in a final tantrum he issues direct lunatic orders to the military command, are they disobeyed?
    Overridden? By whom?

    Let’s not pretend such a tantrum is impossible. Not with this guy it’s not.

  5. bluthner says:

    I’d bet on Iran being the lucky target if/when his need for a really big squirrel arrives. If we get into an all-out shooting war in Iran most likely we can kiss the Rupublic, or what’s left of it, good bye.

    Nixon famously attempted more than once, when drunk, to nuke Saigon. Kissenger would, apparently, tell him ‘Yes Sir I’ll get on it right away’ and then put down the phone and do nothing. And in the morning neither man mentioned what had gone on the night before. Somehow I don’t see that kind of escape hatch this time.

  6. Squirrel says:

    Can’t see what’s wrong with a few dozen (OK, hundred) golfers taking selfies with the guy who carries the ‘Go nuke ’em, boy’ suitcase; or listening in to a bit of a chat with the PM of Japan about what to do about North Korea. I mean, they all paid Trump $200,000; this is the least you should get for that kind of money at the 19th hole, surely?

  7. KevinNevada says:

    That spectacle at the Saturday dinner horrified all factions in DC, the breathtaking public incompetence, concerning operational security, is leaving folks whomper-jawed.

    Trump isn’t even Tweeting about the mockery any more, there is so very much of it.
    And yes, we are blessed with the return of John Oliver.

    Colbert shoots several good torpedoes every night, Sam Bee is stunning once a week, so even the silly Jimmy Fallon has to pile on – or look uncool, the worst thought-crime of all in his world.
    And SNL just gets better every show, they are not backing down an inch either.

    And it’s only been three weeks. Not three months, or three years – three fucked up weeks.

    As I’ve just noted in the other thread, I was too little-c conservative with my list of Awkward Senators. Roy Blunt (R., MO), also freshly re-elected in 2016, just called for a thorough investigation of Trump/team and Russia, by his Senate Intelligence Committee.

    9T, as Trump’s mental condition dissolves, as it clearly is now, the Nixonian solution will be in place. The people who actually run our military are not stupid, they didn’t keep Flynn at DIA for his full assigned rotation, remember. Dumped him early.

    Trump’s unfitness for the office is now obvious to all.

    In the final couple of months of Nixon, VP Ford and Gen. Al Haig at NSC had a quiet deal running with the Joint Chiefs and certain sensitive commands (such as, in a certain bunker in Omaha) that any unusual orders from the President should be double-checked with Gerry and Al.

    The viable and available exit strategy for this clusterfuck is the 25th Amendment. I’m sure that the Veep is already re-reading that one, carefully.

    Sections 4 and 5 are pretty straightforward.

    It won’t happen immediately, but I now give it less than a year.

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