dick waving, part 2

Our tax dollars hard at work. The USS Carl Vinson.

Reports are now coming out that the US Navy is moving a carrier battle group toward the Korean Peninsula.

BNO News is reporting that “a US official” told Reuters news agency that Carrier Strike Group 1 (CSG-1) would leave Singapore and move towards the western Pacific Ocean near the Korean Peninsula.

Carrier Strike Group 1, which is part of the U.S. Third Fleet, has the USS Carl Vinson as its flagship and is composed of approximately 6,500 sailors. No word as yet as to mission.

Now it really is starting to look like Der Führer is zeroing in on his strategy to keep all those pesky investigators distracted.  The news media, of course, have already decided that his completely telegraphed fireworks display in Syria which apparently demolished a few quickly emptied outbuildings—and which is now being variously described by the teevee talking heads as “decisive” and, godhelpusall, even “beautiful”—, means that he’s become, magically, a Real President.
(FAIR documents how the five major newspapers have published some 18 opinion columns on the Syrian strikes since Thursday and not a single one has been critical.)

Der Führer pays serious attention to things like that, this we know, so it’s not in the least irrational to suppose that he’ll keep the pressure on. Hell, why not? It’s working beautifully.

I have a feeling that I’m not the only one who was hoping, albeit forlornly, that the footrace between Trump solidifying his grip on power and the advancing investigations into his utter unworthiness to hold that power would be won as soon as possible by the latter. Just days ago it looked as if that might even be possible.

Not so much now though.

His brand new SCOTUS justice is installed, Enviro regs governing power generation are being stripped, OSHA is being crippled, directives which made it tougher (but not tough enough) to harass women in the workplace have been revoked , the Endangered Species Act is in the crosshairs, and that’s by no means a complete list.

Der Führer is on a roll, and almost none of it is on the front page. Oh, and he holds a strong position in Raytheon stocks too, and ever since he burned up 60  of Raytheon’s Tomahawk missiles the stocks have been surging, so he’s not only running the political table he’s making a profit out of it.

Oh sure,  the ACA repeal was a fuckup as was his Muslim ban thingy,  and the Wall Building is running into all kinds of problems, not least of which is that a lot people who voted for him are now discovering that swathes of their land may be subject to eminent domain. And yeah, he was a clod with Angela Merkel, but she’s German and, you know, a woman, so we’ve forgotten about that already. What matters now is that he’s BLOWN SOME SHIT UP, so he’ll be cut all kinds of slack with all that wonky stuff.

Maybe those characters who were fulminating about the dangers of electing that dreadful liar, dangerous neocon warmonger and all-around swamp creature Hillary Clinton will have the courtesy to show up again and talk about how relieved they are that we were at least able to dodge that fucking bullet, eh?

Whaddaya say, kids?  Don’t be shy. How is that swamp-draining thing working out for you?

38 Responses to dick waving, part 2

  1. bluthner says:

    Seems like no takers, Nine.

    I have a question for the forum here, one completely unrelated to world situation. It’s domestic in nature, utterly irrelevant, but I thought I’d pick your collective wisdom anyway.

    I’ve got a problem, and the problem is my 4 year old nephew. He’s just a clueless child, and nobody should take against a clueless child, but the truth is I just don’t like him at all. And yet I find myself in a postion which means I simply can’t ignore him. Which normally I would.

    In fact because of this situation I now have to deal with the blowback from his (constant) tantrums. And there is a lot of it. Here’s the latest: like all 3-4 year olds little Donny responds to nothing so immediately and with such attention and interest as he does to approval from, well, just about anybody. It’s what he lives for. Nothing else matters. In his toddler mind, the universe revolves around him, and getting disapproval makes him foul and angry and horrid so he lashed out at everyone around him, and even becomes violent.

    He’s been behaving badly a lot lately so now he’s getting heaps of disapproval, pretty much 24/7. Inevitably, therefore, he finally he went and bashed one of the other kids at playgroup.

    He didn’t actually wound the other kid -who by the way is a nasty piece of work and I wouldn’t care if a pit bull ripped his throat open, but I digress- but there was a lot of noise and some toys got broken in the process.

    But here’s the thing. All the adults in the room, who ought to know better, instead of trying to deal with the incident like adults, all started heaping praise on the little shit! (I mean on my nephew, not the other little shit.) So much praise and attention, in fact, that I worry he now thinks the only way to get the approval he so craves is to bash the crap out of every other kid he can find (or at least the ones who he thinks can’t actually hit him back).

    I’m especially worried about the fat kid with the funny haircut who sits in the far corner and won’t play with any of the others. My little shit of a nephew has his angry little eye on this fat kid even now, and looks ready to punch him any second, in hopes of getting more love and cuddles from the peanut gallery, love and cuddles and kisses without end.

    Now not only is it just wrong to punch this kid on the nose (because the kid will probably turn around and murder his half brother when he losses his temper as a result) but the fat kid has a HUGE friend who lives right next door, who it would be really really stupid to mess with unless there was a very very good reason to mess with him. And getting applause and kisses and cuddles from the peanut gallery of course is not a good reason at all.

    But try telling that to a emotionally stunted tantrum-prone four year old.

    Help me, O wise ones, what on this earth can I do?

  2. Seems like no takers, Nine.

    Color me astonished.

    I’m thinking Trump’s just transformed the “Russian Connection” sword of Damocles into a butter knife. I’d love to be wrong.

    As for the feral kid, I’m now at a loss. If the adults don’t know how to act, that’s not a kid problem anyway, right?

  3. bluthner says:

    If the adults don’t know how to act, that’s not a kid problem anyway, right?

    More and more I worry that there are no grown-ups at all in the room.

  4. KevinNevada says:


    regarding that tantrum-prone 4 year-old, there are actually adults available but they have a problem, being the standing orders at their school to allow that 4 year-old as much scope to express himself as possible. There may be a limit to that permission but it’s not readily discernible in advance.

    The brat will just have to be surprised some ugly day, to find that there is a limit.

    I heard, just yesterday that some folks in another school have nabbed one of the brat’s key enablers and are turning him over to some adults somewhere, and soon too. That may help.

  5. KevinNevada says:

    Followup, here’s a report on the brat’s enabler, now being spoken to by adults, somewhere.

  6. Squirrel says:

    Family (as in la famiglia?) matters:

    “If there was anything that Syria did, it was to validate the fact that there is no Russia tie,” Eric Trump told The Daily Telegraph during an interview at the family’s Trump Turnberry golf resort in Scotland.

    “Ivanka is a mother of three kids and she has influence. I’m sure she said ‘listen, this is horrible stuff.’ My father will act in times like that,” Eric Trump said.

    “If they disrespect us and if they cross us, fine. There will be no one harder — he has got more backbone than anybody. We’re no worse off than we were before. Maybe we’re finding that we can’t be,” Eric Trump said of Putin. “[The president*] is not a guy who gets intimidated. I can tell you he is tough and he won’t be pushed around. The cards will shake out the way they do but he’s tough.”

    *Meaning Trump, presumably?

    [From Daily Telegraph/Politico]

  7. bluthner says:

    “If there was anything that Syria did, it was to validate the fact that there is no Russia tie,”

    Well that was clearly the entire point of the mission. It isn’t working for every press outlet but no doubt there are enough useful idiots running around loose that some will fall for it.

    Until such time of course as the Russian ties are nailed down. Then the orange hairball will just have to do a bit more ‘validating’. Which is of course why that carrier battle group is heading for the Korean Peninsula.

    I love the rumor, Kev, that there are adults in the room somewhere. I’d sure as hell like to see that assertion validated before it’s too fucking late.

  8. KevinNevada says:


    McMaster qualifies, and the adults in charge over at the Pentagon have surely had some contingency discussions to deal with extreme weirdness.

    As for the investigations, the attack on Syria closely followed the unmasking of three more campaign gang/Russian gang connections, in just one week. And while the world was all excited about rubble bouncing in Syria, that “super-hacker” was arrested in Spain and is being processed for handover to the FBI.

    If he survives until that interview, matters could get interesting. He must know that he’s now top-of-the-list for Putin’s cleanup crew. His only hope for personal survival is to cooperate, and then to stay within the safe embrace of the Witness Protection Program.

    So I’m not overly enthusiastically optimistic, who can be these days?? – but matters are rolling along. We are still in just the first three months of this farce and it’s already getting serious in witness-lando.

  9. KevinNevada says:


    oh sure, the son of a gangster knows how to talk tough and all.

    It’s very impressive to someone, somewhere, I’m sure.

  10. Expat says:

    Help me, O wise ones, what on this earth can I do?

    Do something avuncular and gently stressful but ultimately fulfilling and character forming with the little darling. Take him fishing.

  11. bluthner says:


    For just about any other out-of-control toddler I’d say that was great advice. But with this one I see two problems:

    1. It is abundently clear he hasn’t got a shred of the patience even the most neophyte of fishermen, or even fisher babies require.

    2. I wouldn’t have the patience not to drown him. Which would be a terrible thing to do. And by that of course I mean for the ecosystem of the lake river or ocean we were attempting to fish.

  12. Squirrel says:

    I think I would simply refer everyone involved to the forthcoming “United Airlines Dictionary of Weasel Words for PR Flacks” from Squirrel Publications Inc (London, San Francisco).

    For example, we no longer need to use emotive words such as ‘slavery’. Africans were simply ‘re-accommodated’ from Africa to the USA. Likewise, so as to bring necessary historical objectivity to the Stalin period in the USSR, many citizens were only ‘re-accommodated’ to Siberia.

    And, of special interest to White House spokesmen (or women), many Jews, Gypsies, Gays and political opponents were ‘re-accommodated’ between 1933 and 1945 to the pleasant suburbs of Dachau, Auschwitz-Birkenau and others.

    Contemporary usage: also applies to those of Syrian origin, ‘re-accommodated’ to Lebanon, Turkey, and various EU states.

    In all these cases, contrary to any ‘historical alternative facts’, and previously mistaken inferences drawn from the misuse of unnecessarily provocative words, absolutely no serious violence to the person was ever involved.

    See also: ‘volunteer’ [Am. English; revised]: to comply unwillingly with any order given by any person ready to use excessive force to enforce agreement.

  13. KevinNevada says:


    I’ll give you another one:

    “Overbooking”, (n), that condition what arises when an airline fully stuffs it’s aircraft with paying passengers, boards them ready to fly, and only THEN realizes that said airline should have reserved four of those seats for it’s own people, and then calls the Chicago Airports public police to clean up the situation by any means found to be necessary.

  14. bluthner says:


    You’ve solved my nasty nephew problem. He simply needs to be re-accommodated. Some place with a lot of male companionship, heavy steel doors and constant supervision would be ideal.

  15. Expat says:

    Bluth – What are his parents doing? Only child? Older parents?

    We fly United lots. They are no worse than the others and go directly to Glasgow and Birmingham which makes life so much easier for visiting family. The crew have EX CON on their bags – presumably a humorous reference to their Continental heritage on these routes.

    But I did get worried that the reference may be more than humorous when one of their pilots on a flight that we take regularly was sentenced to 10 months at Paisley Sheriff court last month. He had been removed from the cockpit under suspicion of intoxication prior to a flight from Glasgow to Newark last year.

  16. bluthner says:


    His parents are both dead. So technically he’s an orphan. (Hint: he’s not really my nephew, has a very very bad haircut, and though his emotional age hovers around 4, his biological age is somewhat greater. Also he has a bad tweeting habit…)

  17. expat says:

    Bluther – got me :)
    And here was me trying to ignore him!

  18. bluthner says:


    Well that means you really and actually did think about the problem without any preconceived ideas. And came up with a true and helpful solution, which sort of goes to prove there isn’t any way to solve the fix the current problem we have except to eliminate it, or rather to replace it with another problem, one that rhymes with ‘sense’.

  19. bluthner says:

    With Trump’s use on Thursday of the so-called MOAB looks like we are now into Dick-Waving Part III. Eat drink and be merry….

  20. KevinNevada says:


    yes, and a very phallic object it was . . . and very very expensive too.

    What does the toddler care? It wasn’t HIS tax money that bought these toys, was it?

  21. bluthner says:

    What’s $16 million (plus delivery charges) when it make him feel that good, huh?

  22. Squirrel says:

    You should not give poorly socialised young boys with small hands big dangerous toys. You know if you say it’ll make a really, really big bang they are going to try it.

    So what fucking bunch of even more irresponsible boys in the school down the road gave this one their ‘Whole Earth Catalogue of Things that Go Bang Really Bigly’? Just because they never got permission form their teachers to play with anything in it before and thought the new teacher would be a really easy mark?

  23. NatashaFatale says:

    Been on the road – Vale of Silicone again – since last Saturday and just got back last night. Accompanied, this time, by Madame, who, to celebrate the event, has been down and out the whole time with killer back spasms. Every morning we had us some Free Breakfast (“Free” meaning they don’t itemize the bill and you pay whether you eat it or not) and during the time it took to choke that down, we got to listen to the bright-and-chatty morning traffic and disaster report on Fox News. From which I heard these words Thursday morning: We’re only a hundred days into the new administration, and already we’re seeing exciting indications of what President Trump’s foreign policy may be like!

    Just thought you might like to learn that there are places where everything is moving along just fine. I also heard In area school shootings today…

  24. KevinNevada says:


    yes, the chatty cheerful voices may still emit that message, but it’s not fooling many.

    From the job approval ratings, the odious hairball is even losing Republicans now and has already lost (or never had) anyone else.

    And the indications are, the backlash is hitting hard.

    The pols on the Hill read stuff like that, and believe it. No “alt-reality” for them, they like to keep those nice jobs and perks.

  25. bluthner says:

    I for one am so ‘excited’ by the new indications of Trumps foreign policy that I’ve been down into my coal cellar to check on the few crates of pretty good wine I salted away down there, some years ago. Trump has got me thinking: might as well drink ’em now while I’ve still got the chance.

  26. NatashaFatale says:

    Two good and complementary articles that I think are appropriate for this thread: this, from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and this, from, the NYRB.

  27. KevinNevada says:


    good articles both.

    I recently read the fine memoire of recent Middle Eastern chaos, Richard Engles’ “And Then All Hell Broke Loose”. It spans from his early times, in the Mubarak years well before the Arab Spring fresh out of Stanford and living cheap as a stringer in Cairo, to late in the Obama era.

    He spares no one in that book.

    As the NYRB piece noted, every Administration cites some high moral purpose for what it does in the ME. We Americans like to pride ourselves on the superior morality of our wonderful foreign policy. Yeah, right. So the crocodile tears from the odious hairball, about the poor Syrian kids in that one town, are completely in line with traditional Washington bullshit.

  28. NatashaFatale says:

    Okay, Bluth & Squirrel – can we get a little first-hand Brexegesis around here, please? Can May’s message really be as simple as I’m reading it? Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more – tho’ you smashed the scurvy dogs in the Blessed Referendum, even now they still crouch and snarl and bite. If you don’t again rise up and thrash every one of them once and for all, they’ll yet cling on to deprive of us our rightful victory! On, on, you noblest English. Whose blood is fet from fathers of war-proof! Is that really it? It was so much fun the last time, let’s all go out and do it once again?

  29. KevinNevada says:

    NF: My new post asked the same questions, but were not as well phrased. :-)

  30. bluthner says:


    I think it is as simple as looking at the polls and seeing that no sitting prime minister in a very long time has faced such a complete and utter dearth of opposition while operating with such a narrrow majoirity in Parliament.

    Corybyn is in favour of Brexit. So he won’t be leading any charge to turn things around. In fact the election won’t be a re-run of the Referendum at all, because only the Lib Dems and the Greens will come out campaigning strongly in favour of refersing the Referendum and they have no hope in hell of winning more than a couple of score seats.

    Labour is in utter disarray. The Tories are going to win big and return with a majority five times the size they have now. Or so they think.

    What could be interesting is if the Hard vs Soft Brexit option shook out. In other words if a large number of the ‘new’ Tories are for leaving the EU but staying in the Market. This seems highly unlikely.

    The most likely outcome is that May gets a fat majority, to enschonce herself for 5 years, by the end of which England will be a completely different place. No longer the U.K., and some kind of Singapore on the Channel. Where wages for all but elite jobs are very low, employment rights no longer exist in any form, and those who ain’t got die quietly under bridges because the NHS will no longer exist. Probably there will be mass emmigration to the U.S. So Trump better start building another (imaginary) wall.

  31. KevinNevada says:

    Canada will be opening itself for many who leave Blighty. One result of climate change is that vast areas of central Canada will become more habitable, less subject to severe long winters, over the next few decades.

    The Russians will see the same effect in Siberia.

  32. Squirrel says:

    So the Trumparmada actually sailed from Singapore to threaten that notoriously closed Stalinist state of . . . .Australia?

    So who was it held the map upside down, then?

  33. NatashaFatale says:


    A less-modest President would be bragging about having just thwarted North Korea’s diabolical plan to invade Queensland. But Trump, as scoffers will eventually see, tweets softly while carrying the biggest of sticks. It’s really, really big. It’s downright YUGE, in fact. But will you admit it? Of course not, cuz your President is a girl.

  34. bluthner says:

    Credit where credit is due: if you send an Armada to challenge a warmonger, what is that warmonger most likely to do? Maybe fire weapons at your Armada? I’d say so. How better to fool that dastardly warmonger by saying you are sending your Armada to his back yard to drop a load of whupass on him, while secretly hiding it on the other side of the ocean. Where his feeble pretend weapons can’t reach. It’s a plan absolutely as convincing as the hair on top of the orange one’s head.

  35. KevinNevada says:

    The real explanation is simple incompetence.

    They “decided” to send that carrier north, but didn’t tell the Pentagon, who had it routed south to exercise with the Aussies, which we do frequently. Didn’t stop our hero Spicer from talking tough at his motorized podium.

    The jig was up when a normal press release photo showed the Vinson plus pals going south in the Sunda Strait, which is an odd path to take “towards Korea”.

    Oops . . .

  36. KevinNevada says:

    Followup, for any of our team who don’t see US Tee-vee,

    here is a great presser, Spicey at his best.

  37. Squirrel says:

    There is (apparently) no truth in the rumour that the the Carl Vinson is to be renamed the USS Schrodinger’s Cat on its simultaneous arrival off the coast of Australia and North Korea.

  38. NatashaFatale says:


    For the first time ever we have a President wise enough to see the strategic potential of The Great South Seas Wormhole – and yet, predictably, you continue to scoff and mock.

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