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  1. NatashaFatale says:


    “Still believe generals are the epitome of considered thought, common sense and diplomatic restraint, do we?”

    It don’t matter. In this case, war is too important to leave to anyone but the generals. Because the generals are the only people with the wherewithal to thwart Trump when he orders them to strike. I want brass in the room with him at all times. Lots of brass. Brass is all we’ve got.

  2. NatashaFatale says:


    But in this gangland story, unlike most of them, every other gang is going to suffer yugely if the two fat boys start shooting. This doesn’t bother Fat Donny because one he’s too dense to understand that and two he wouldn’t give a shit if he did. But the other gangs all know it and Fatty Kim knows they know it and he also knows that Fat Donny is itching to start shooting anyway. So maybe he needs to demonstrate to gang world as a whole just how close Fat Donny is to frying everybody’s bacon. So that maybe they’ll get alarmed enough to start whispering things to Fat Donny. Things like Uh, Donny? You’re our pal and all that, but you fuck with Fatty Kim, you’re fucking with us. And you ain’t going to like it one bit if we all of us come after you. so why don’t you and Kim just sit down and work it out, okay?

  3. Expat says:

    It seems to me that the NK leadership’s external belligerence is aimed at an internal audience and, like just about everything else there, at maintaining control over the population. And from the outside it appears to be 100% effective. Externally they are practically impotent but will do everything they can to vilify and goad the west and USA in particular as part of maintaining internal control. But they have no intention of doing anything that would provoke easily justified on the international stage, targeted, regime destroying retaliation. Assuming that they continue to believe there will be such retaliation.

    On the other hand Trump leads a messy democracy with powerful and vocal opposition and he is such a caricature that it is hard to tell where the real Trump ends and the straw man of his political opponents begins.

  4. bluthner says:

    It seems to me that the NK leadership’s external belligerence is aimed at an internal audience and, like just about everything else there, at maintaining control over the population.

    Sure it is, Expat, but no way is it only aimed at his internal audience. Kim is a brutal murdering bastard, but he isn’t stupid.

    it is hard to tell where the real Trump ends and the straw man of his political opponents begins

    I’d say it was pretty damn easy to see where the real mobbed up self-obsessed sociopathic lying criminal bully ends and the infantile caricatures of same begin. Why are you struggling? All you have to do is forget his opponents and what they say and do and pay attention only to what Trump actually has said, what he actually has done, who he has done what he has done with. Don’t need to listen to anybody else except the source himself.

  5. bluthner says:


    I hope you are right about the self-correcting nature of mafias. Certainly are indications that the gang in China are sending exactly that message to Fat Donny. Which gives Fat Donny an all new problem. How can he now not rain down “fire and fury” on Fat Kim, when Fat Kim taunts him next, without proving he’s crapping his pants about what the Chinese gang threatened him with.

    Short answer: he can’t. He just pissed away a whole lot of whatever was left of our global cred. Which is exactly what you’d expect the man to do, of course. Or exactly what I’d expect him to do anyway. When has he ever turned up a chance to piss away cred in the past?

    Comes down to it though, Fat Donny would still rather piss off the entire globe if it means staying in power another three weeks longer than he might otherwise. What does he care if he fucks the entire U.S., and the entire globe for that matter, so long as it keeps the Trump flag flying even for a short time longer?

  6. Expat says:

    Why are you struggling?

    Bluth – I was referring to the themes of whether Trump was going to start a nuclear catastrophe and/or collapse the republic and usher in a fascistic American dictatorship.

    It’s kind of hard to forget about his opponents. They are everywhere. I remember similar sounding ones from earlier days stridently and authoritatively telling me that Reagan and Thatcher were going to provoke nuclear armageddon, we were all going to die and that it would be all their fault if the soviets crisped us. I believed them at the time. I am warier now so I do listen to and measure what the opposition are saying. I don’t trust most of them.

  7. bluthner says:

    I see, Expat. I remember hearing about how Reagan was going to blow up the world. I can honestly say, though I thought from the start that he would be a bad president, mostly because of his pandering to racists and his economic policies (that I assumed would lead exactly to where they did end up), I never believed the scaremongering about him wanting to nuke the Russians.

    But with Trump I don’t have to listen to his opponents, or anyone except Trump, to feel deeply worried. Because he hasn’t got a clue how the world works, because he doesn’t give a shit about who he hurts, so long as he doesn’t hurt Trump, because he can’t open his mouth without lying, and because he’s threatening now to use nukes on N. Korea, because he said publically during the campaign “what’s the point of having nukes if we can’t use them?” among the thousands of other idiocies, because he is now threatening to use nukes pre-emptively, and because he’s turning up the heat on N. Korea in lock-step with the heat that Mueller is turning up on him.

    I don’t need to hear anything from anyone else to know Trump is in fact without any doubt toying with a nuclear catastrophe.

    So, from your listening to Trump, with healthy skepticism, is there anything you hear from the man himself that puts your mind at ease?

  8. Expat says:


    I guess I take comfort in Trump’s personal transparency and the fact that he is no where near to being a dictator.

    Also the bulk of the lying that gets everyone worked up is obvious puffery or a different spin or opinion. Have you read the Definitive List from the NYT? And they are proud of it. BTW did you see the Guardian piece on trusted news sources. The Gray Lady is well down the list. And glad to see that I’m not the only one to think that Occupy Democrats are twisting sleaze balls. Although not surprisingly it did show that a lot of people thought that Trump was an almost as unreliable news source.

    And Trump is a human being. In spite of the bluster he’d have to be irredeemably insane a la Jack D. Ripper to launch a nuclear strike that wasn’t provoked by an enemy’s prior nuclear attack.

  9. KevinNevada says:


    I think that you overestimate the “humanity” of Donald J. Trump.

    My opinion, he is a manipulative sociopath, with the absence-of-empathy to the pain of others which is typical of the career criminal.

    He calculates rationally only so far as the welfare and benefits, in any situation, to Donny himself.

    A project manager who used to work for him in the 90’s (one Barbara Res), then left, returned in the late 00’s. She did not remain long. Her report was: he always did sling the shit constantly, but in earlier days he knew he was spewing bullshit. When she returned, the older and degraded Donald had begun to believe his own bullshit and even worse, insisted that those around him express belief, also.

    That is the source behind his repeated comments, on various topics, “everyone agrees with me”. Because to remain near him, everyone must.

    So, in that context, how long will General Kelly last? Or, when they work to keep him from blowing the world up, Gen. McMaster?

    He never was fit to be CinC of the US Armed Forces. These are disqualifying characteristics.

  10. KevinNevada says:


    I agree about the Occupy Democrats as a source for information, BTW.

    I’ve blocked them in my FB feed. Not reliable.

  11. bluthner says:


    There’s puffery, which is, as I understand it, exageration that has some truth at the base of it. And then there is lying, which is asserting that things which are demonstrably true are untrue, and that things which are demonstrably untrue are true. I don’t give a crap about the former, but Trump is constantly doing the latter. And no I have not read the NYT list. And yes most pols are scumbags. But we have Trump on video saying things, bald loud things, which he later denies just as baldly and just as loudly. And not just once or twice, but by the score. I don’t give a shit fi the stuff he is dead-to-rights lying about is trivial, either; but he lies like that about extremely serious things. Just outright lies. And so no, I reject absolutely that bulk of his lying is opinion or spin or puffery. I’m not even bothering with any of that.

    I take your faith in his humanity as a sign of your generosity of spirit. And I agree that he’s completely transparent. Unfortunately for me, the sorry excuse for a human being I see when I see through him is a different order of animal from what you seem to see. Myself I’ve known too many grandiose narcissistic psychopaths to be able to join you in that generosity. I honestly believe he’d kill a million Koreans if he thought they were all that stood in the way of holding onto power. Without blinking or losing even an hour of sleep over it. By the time he’d put down the phone to give the order he would have worked out an ironclad excuse why their deaths were not his fault, and that he was doing the right and manly thing. And I say that without the least bit of exageration.

  12. bluthner says:

    And for the record, I don’t even know what ‘Occupy Democrats’ is. But now I know if I come across them to hold my nose.

  13. Expat says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or scream at this type of reporting from the WP vis MSN.

    Analysis: In a new poll, half of Republicans say they would support postponing the 2020 election if Trump proposed it

    It is an obscene push poll and reminds me of this classic piece on polling from Sir Humphrey Appleby!

  14. Expat says:


  15. Expat says:

    …..and then they have the nerve to finish with this paragraph.

    Postponing the 2020 presidential election is not something that Trump or anyone in his administration has even hinted at, but for many in his constituency floating such an idea may not be a step too far.

  16. bluthner says:


    It’s a push poll worthy of VIZ magazine, for all that.

    It’s not a proper push poll, though, in the sense that it only pushed the idea of postponing the 2020 election at 650 voters. A proper push poll would reach a couple hundred thousand.

    And it’s not likely that very many of the voters who would agree to postpone the 2020 election would ever in their lives read the Washington Post.

    I guess it does a.) confirm a Washpo predjudice (that many Trump supporters would agree to destorying our system of government in order to save it), and few things in life are as satisfying as having a predjudice confirmed, but it also b.) delivers the idea of postponing the 2020 election, along with polling suggesting it might work, to the neighborhood of the White House.

    But why stop with asking them if they’d postpone the election? Why not ask if they approve of bringing back lynching -only for deserving cases of extreme breathing while Muslim, of course, or doing anything while black- or requiring anyone who votes Democrat to get on their knees and accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, then recite the 39 books of the Old Testament, in correct order, every time they want a ballot paper. Or just ask them did they know that Bernie Sanders and all who approve of them have sworn fealty to the AntiChrist. Postpone an election? Meh. Small beer.

  17. Expat says:

    Indeed Bluth. The worst kind of tabloid journalism coming from the WP.

    b.) delivers the idea of postponing the 2020 election, along with polling suggesting it might work, to the neighborhood of the White House.

    The pros in the WH would have to be pretty naive to take that poll seriously even if the idea had ever crossed their mind.

    Struggling to fill the news cycle the press are sinking to analyzing and then condemning what they imagine Trump and his supporters might do. And with pretty scant evidence and support beyond their own prejudiced echo chamber.

  18. NatashaFatale says:

    Re push polls – the people I hang out with mostly know a push poll when we see one, and most of us would screw one up if we had the chance. Why of course I think T. May is sleeping with D. Trump. Why of course I think nuclear fallout is healthier than a yogurt smoothie. It’s probably not the most responsible thing we could do – but it’s at least as responsible as just hanging up, and probably more so.

  19. Squirrel says:

    Oh dear. Little would-be bully says “I’m gonna get you! My gang’s bigger than your gang!” And then big brother steps in and says “Ignore him. Don’t beat him up, you know he doesn’t mean it. And he doesn’t have a gang anyway.”

    (Mutiny on the golf course?)

    And then Trump goes and threatens China with a trade war again.

    Craziness. Stupidity. Pathetic. As a BBC news presenter just said ” ‘My dad’s bigger than your dad’ politics.

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