nighty night… (updated) (updated again)

This is Seattle, Washington, USA in the year 2017. Personally I’d have gone with a left hook over a right cross, but otherwise this is an entirely satisfactory outcome.

According to Buzzfeed, some unidentified folks saw this swastika-wearing twat riding a bus and harassing a black man.
As is now routine, a photo was posted online via Twitter, and further Twitter postings revealed that he was then seen haranguing passers-by on a street corner.

Then this happened.

Just to be clear, the official position of on matters of this kind is that it would be infinitely preferable if people didn’t walk around wearing swastikas and saying hateful  and stupid shit.

But when they do, a reaction like we see here—while justifiably illegal—is entirely understandable.


UPDATE;    The video has been pulled down from YouTube. No idea who pulled it, or why.  Meanwhile, plenty videos of cops shooting unarmed black people in the back, and a recent one of cops driving a car in reverse into a crowd of demonstrators in St Louis, remain unmolested.


Lets try this one, and see how long it lasts;

The Stranger is now reporting that the original video was taken down by YouTube as violation of “YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying.”
Naturally several other copies were immediately uploaded to the site, where most of them still remain. I guess we’ll see if YouTube can continue to pull them faster than people can upload them.

The Stranger also adds that swastika guy threw a banana at someone prior to getting punched, and that Seattle police issued a statement saying that officers responded to a report of someone wearing a swastika armband and “instigating fights”, and when the officers arrived they found the man on the ground.
No further reports were received, and the swastika guy left after removing the armband and declining to provide further details.



YouTube keeps pulling the videos down, and people keep putting copies back up.  I just re-set so a current copy will play.

I’m not going to keep monitoring this game of whack-a-mole though. The Buzzfeed link in the article above still leads to a playable video if neither of the YouTube embeds will play.

37 Responses to nighty night… (updated) (updated again)

  1. bluthner says:

    I’m not even so sure it’s even illegal. I can’t tell what the asshole wearing the swastika said, so maybe his speech didn’t rise to the level of “fighting words”, but maybe just wearing a swastika in earnest rises to the level of “fighting words”. The law recognises that a reasonable man has limits beyond which you push him at your peril. I’d be happy to defend the the guy who took the swing on the grounds that is not guilty because he was provoked beyond the limit that a reasonable man could be expected to hold his temper. In layman’s terms: by puttin on the swastika and proselytizing the hatred and violence that the symbol stands for, he was asking for it. And that’s even before he got in anyones’ face with actual hate speech. I’d defend him and I’d win, too. Even on appeal.

  2. I wondered about that legality thing, but assumed any physical assault would in general be considered illegal in the absence of what “any reasonable person” would regard as a physical threat.
    If that’s wrong, and the legal reality is as you describe, that’s good news indeed.

    I also wondered if the legal situation might vary by state, since some states do impose a “duty to retreat” when faced with provocations, even physically threatening provocations.
    In other states of course, like Texas, if someone is just running away with your toaster or any of your property, you can legally shoot them. In the back is fine.

  3. bluthner says:

    Looks like someone yanked the video.

    “Duty to Retreat”, as well as “Stand your ground” is about physical threat. “Fighting words” is about provocation that pushes a reasonable person beyond any reasonable threshold of restraint. Yes the threshold may vary from state to state, which raises an interesting question: would it be as reasonable, say, in Texas, to be pushed beyond toleration by a swastika, as it would be in New York? Maybe not. Whereas calling someone a ‘faggot’ in Texas might well be considered “fighting words” but less so in New York.

  4. Expat says:

    ….oops – missed Bluth’s post

  5. Expat says:

    Anyone seen Imperium? Released in 2016 – Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, plays an FBI agent undercover amongst neo Nazis.

  6. Squirrel says:

    Bit of an image problem here. Clearly, having your hair cut very short, putting on a leather jacket and a swastika armband does not instantly turn you into the heavyweight champion boxer you thought you saw in the mirror before you started out . . .

    Would I be being unduly cynical if I were to assume that if the cops follow this up at all it’ll be the guy who hit him who gets maced, arrested and jailed anyway? If not worse for ‘resisting’ — or, I gather the latest offence against American cops is, ‘interfering’.

  7. Squirrel says:

    Calling the Bluthner Free Legal Advice Hotline . . .

    How is it, btw, that that St Louis cop could be tried by a single judge and not a jury?

  8. bluthner says:


    Any criminal defendant can choose to waive his right to a trial by a jury of his peers. So he gets a judge because he decided he liked his chances with a judge better than his chances with a jury. It’s always worked that way.

  9. bluthner says:

    Also:we probably have to consider the idea that this asshole put on the arm band and confronted people with the specific aim of being punched on camera. Maybe what he’s looking for is cred with other assholes. Or maybe, Hollywood version, he’s a cop undercover and the punch was set up to prove his bona fides with the other assholes.

    Or he’s just an asshole. Plenty of those around.

  10. Would I be being unduly cynical if I were to assume that if the cops follow this up at all it’ll be the guy who hit him who gets maced, arrested and jailed anyway?

    The punchee was a white nazi, and the puncher was a tall black guy in a hoodie, so no, your cynicism is not misplaced.

    We may be approaching a point at which an excess of cynicism is no longer possible. We may even be there already.

  11. NatashaFatale says:

    It was a nice punch but it traveled a long way, and the asshole never even flinched. A real brown shirt would have been laughed out of the beer hall.

  12. NatashaFatale says:

    Contest: best finish to this joke-

    Swastika guy walks into the UN…

  13. bluthner says:

    António Guterres puts out his hand and says “Welcome Mr President”.

  14. Expat says:

    And the General Assembly says – “Is this some kind of a joke?”

  15. bluthner says:

    And the whole world replies, as one: We fucking wish it was a fucking joke! Who will rid us of this turbulent bucket of ass gravy?

  16. NatashaFatale says:

    Whereupon smiles spread slowly across several stern diplomatic faces, and hands tentatively show signs of raising themselves.

  17. Expat says:

    Whereupon smiles spread slowly across several stern diplomatic faces, and hands tentatively show signs of raising themselves.

    (9k – forgot how to embed Utubes)

  18. bluthner says:

    I had a chemistry teacher in High School who genuinuely suffered from “alien hand syndrome”, otherwise known as “Dr Strangelove syndrome”. She was a dead ringer for Madame Curie except she had to shave half her face (oddly not the same side as the affected hand/arm).

    I’m sure she would not have approved of der neue führer. But her hand might have had another opinion.

  19. NatashaFatale says:


    Both my parents, born in 1907 and 1911, thought that was the funniest thing they’d ever seen. I was 14 or 15 and they assured me that I’d never appreciate just how wicked some powerful people had been less than 20 years before. Now, sometimes whole weeks go by when nothing reminds me of that arm.

  20. bluthner says:

    Looks like the Utube version was yanked again, but the video of the punch is still up on Buzzfeed if anyone late to the thread is wondering what it started out being about.

  21. Expat says:

    I’m guessing Trump was aiming for a Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall! effect that also caused much pearl clutching in its day. Be interesting to see where his polling goes.

  22. bluthner says:

    Oh he was absolutely speaking only to his home base, they could hear that even down on the farms in North Korea. If you watch the speech in full he keeps delivering his zingers and then looking genuienly perplexed when he doesn’t get any applause. Reagan for all his faults, until he started to lose himself at the end, at least seemed aware of who he was speaking to.

    That line “The Righteous Many and the wicked few” was the worst of the worst. Last time we heard that -“axis of evil”- a shit ton of people died. Leave Trump in charge much longer and it will be megashit tons.

  23. His polling has been creeping upwards for the last 3 weeks, and I expect that to continue now he’s threatened to vaporize a bunch of Asian people.
    I’m with Bluth, that speech was a part of his meticulous “keeping the base fed and watered” program. So long as he keeps that bunch on the rez, he’s in the WH at least until the mid terms.

    In the event that the Dems do actually manage to flip the House, Kobach is toiling away in the wings assembling all kinds of fictional twaddle in preparation for a challenge to any election results Der Fuhrer finds uncongenial, and domestic cops are getting shiny new rocket launchers. Sessions is prepping for a proper level of draconian response to any unpleasantness, and the “All Lives Splatter” meme is proving popular with law enforcement officials and legislators from coast to coast.

    I can’t think of anything one might reasonably expect to be on any wannabe fascist dictator’s coup checklist which is not actually being done right now. From hollowing out regulatory agencies and government institutions to packing the judiciary (at a record pace) with sympathetic justices, it’s all being attended to.

    Not sure what Der Fuhrer is going to do about Mueller yet. Depends what he digs up, I guess.
    Just revealing that Trump is a mobbed up gangster of a “businessman” won’t be enough to flip the GOP leadership into revolt—they’ll make the right disapproving noises but that will be it—Mueller will have to prove actual no-joke collusion to such a level of certainty that the “witch hunt” alibi is in tatters and any other spin is impossible.
    No easy task, that.

  24. KevinNevada says:

    Several items to note.

    1. The O.H. is having serious trouble with the Senate, exactly as I predicted here in January and it’s mostly the names I cited then. Rand Paul is now beginning to join in the fun, he’s one of the Rejectees of the new health care atrocity.

    And the Old Maverick is getting seriously mavericky again.

    2. The big agenda is tax breaks for the rich, and the combination of the Democrats and the fiscal hawk Teepers will probably stop that one, this fall. The Republican’s donor base is already unhappy. They will be more unhappy soon.

    3. The “budget reconciliation” path to 51-vote bills expires on Oct. 1, with the new fiscal year. That is why they were trying to ram through the ACA repeal bill this next week. After Oct. 1 they’ll need 60 Senate votes to accomplish almost anything.

    4. The planet has recently proven that climate change is incredibly fucking real. Conservatives are looking really really stupid over that one.

    5. We are now one of only two nations in the world that are waffling on the Paris Accords.
    The other such nation is . . . Syria. So the O.H. is now waffling on rejecting the Accords. His supporters will scream betrayal over that one, soon.

    6. The business community wants the Dreamers, so DACA will become statute law soon.
    That is a major wedge issue among Republicans.

    7. It’s hard to enact a New Fascism when your own movement are at each other’s throats, in fits of outright rage.

    8. Democrats are now out-raising Republicans in campaign funds for 2018 House races. The business community is voting with their checkbooks. They aren’t voting for the O.H.

    9. The speech in Alabama was a disaster for the man who gave it. Further, actual turnout at rallies for the O.H. have dwindled. In DC the weekend before, the Insane Clown Posse had more supporters (the Juggalos), than the Insane White House Clown could summon, for the “Mother of All Rallies”. It was like 3:1 at least.

    OK, I’ll stop being half-full on you guys, again. Have a great weekend.
    The weather in Vegas is simply fantastic right now.

  25. KevinNevada says:

    One PS – Mueller is concentrating on the foreign-interference part of the Russian Scandal, on the counter-intelligence side of the issue. The financial corruption of the Trump Org. is so obvious that he barely has to collect evidence.

  26. NatashaFatale says:

    As a rule I’m content to let Kevin supply the inside baseball content around here, but in case he’s missed this one, it’s way too good to miss. Now I have to write “I didn’t think they had this in them but I was wrong” 500 times on the blackboard.

    I didn’t think they had this in them but I was wrong.
    I didn’t think they had this in them but I was wrong.
    I didn’t think they had this in them but I was wrong…

  27. OK, I’ll stop being half-full on you guys, again.

    Don’t you dare.

    And your list is fair enough too, though we should observe a couple of things; first that Rand Paul is not voting nay because the current ACA repeal bill is too draconian, but because it’s not draconian enough.

    And second, although this patch of reconciliation expires at the end of this month, after which—so long as the Dems keep their shit together(!!!)—moving the needle gets even tougher, there’s nothing I’m aware of that prevents them from enacting another reconciliation period down the road somewhere. January, say.
    If that’s the only way they can pass tax cuts for the rich, they’ll sure do it, though to satisfy their donors demands for adequate ROI they kinda have to pass ACA repeal first so they can cook the books for a big enough tax dodge thingy. So yeah, it’s a bumpy ride in the Senate.

    I doubt they’ll go nuclear like Der Führer is demanding and scrap the filibuster, but shit is getting so crazy now I wouldn’t bet the farm on that. A few outbuildings maybe, but that’s about all.
    If McConnell gets the idea they need a hailmary like that to prevent a party schism and stop everything from just flying apart, I reckon he’d do it.

    Have a great weekend.

    You too.

  28. KevinNevada says:


    That is a sign of just how desperate the GOP’s inner gang are.

    Desperation is a condition of weakness, not strength. The sharks in DC can smell that chum in the water from the next ocean over, any day.

    They are losing other Senators too.



    I don’t care WHY Sen. Rand Paul is voting the way that he is.
    Given his record, and dim level of intelligence, he may not fully understand the reason himself.

    Let’s just celebrate that his vote is what it is.

  29. Squirrel says:

    Amazing. (Yet again.)

    There are the little matters of American colonies (oops, ‘territories’ whatever) flattened by hurricanes, along with a couple of states, and the Bully-in-Chief has a go at (mostly black?) football players? Forget Iran and NK . . .

    This all looks like a man without a goon squad behaving as though he’s actually got one. Or will eventually. “Go beat up brawny American football players for me!”

    I thought earning a million dollars or three a week playing this strange variety of rugby was all part of the ‘American Dream’?

  30. KevinNevada says:

    More on the votes accumulating against this latest screwing-with-the-ACA:

    It seems that Ted Cruz and possibly also his sometimes-abused sidekick Mike Lee (Teeper, Utah) will also vote “nay”, because the bill is not vicious enough, hurting enough people, to satisfy their lust for other people’s pain.

    Also, showing independence from a very unpopular President is always a good idea, when one thinks they should actually BE that person, and plan to run again in 2020 . . . Cruz is still hearing the whispers of Gawd in his ear, telling him that his destiny awaits.


    The NFL players and other pro athletes are now in a pissing match with the Odious Hairball, one that the athletes will win. Reasons include:
    1. They are more popular already,
    2. They are standing (actually, sitting or kneeling) for something they believe in, and
    3. We do respect freedom of speech in this country, usually, and when a so-called “President” tries to suppress that among citizens, it makes even his fans nervous.

    And yes, the legions of Trump’s Chumps are not going to charge the sidelines and beat up any of these guys. They would lose fast and they know it.

    As for the Golden State Warriors, the dominant team in the NBA and likely to remain so for at least one more season, again they are far more popular than the O.H.

  31. bluthner says:

    Briefly checking in from deep in Trump territory, down South: please don’t stop giving me reasons not to despair, Kev!

    Best line I heard from one of the NFL players about Trump: Man talks shit but you know he ain’t got the guts to call one of us son of a bitch face to face.

  32. KevinNevada says:


    If you’re still in Florida, I hope your feet are dry. Climate change can be a real bitch at times.

    Thanks for that quote from the footballer. Indeed, Trump is a cheapjack version of a thug.
    Any real adult can see that from far, far away, the best vantage to view him from.

    Let’s recall the face-palm that General Kelly displayed during the UN speech, which went so very very well . . . imagine his reaction to this past weekend.

    I know this topic isn’t universally popular around here, but that book by the 27 head-shrinkers, about the Odious Hairball’s quite obvious disorders, will drop on October 3. Very soon, now!

    That timing is superb.

  33. Squirrel says:

    Well, Trump continues to educate America:

    “It’s very tough [to get aid to Puerto Rico] because it’s an island…an island sitting in the middle of an ocean — and it’s a big ocean. It’s a very big ocean.”

    Why have I got this buzzing in my head?

  34. Expat says:

    I know this topic isn’t universally popular around here

    In the UK at the moment Kevin and was on the M6 earlier this evening listening to the 5pm news program on BBC Radio 4 – is is still called PM? Anyway one topic was the forthcoming book by 27 US shrinks analyzing Trump’s mental state. The piece included an interview with Lloyd I. Sederer, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of the New York State Office of Mental Health. The Goldwater rule and partisanship was discussed, and the interviewer was at pains to point out that Sederer was a self declared Democrat and that his comments were personal, and in no way was he representing the State of New York or its Office of Mental Health. That’s good to know.

  35. KevinNevada says:


    one item of business for the Congress, after the 25th Amendment was ratified, was to set up a shell commission to be mobilized at need, to review a President’s fitness for service.

    So far as I know that was never done.

    If the book accomplishes nothing else, perhaps that organizational step can move forward.
    The need is now quite obvious.

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