real-world time

A break from the lunacy to immerse in a little real-world time. Our intrepid wildlife correspondent, Jim LeFevre, sent over these pics he took recently while out on the job as a wildlife biologist. All these critters  are in Western Colorado.

First up; A Burrowing Owl.


And number two; A Collared Lizard.  Handsome devil, eh?

Finally, a Midget Faded Rattlesnake.  The faded part is obvious enough, but I didn’t fully grasp the “midget” part until I saw the rusty fence staple in the bottom right-hand corner of the image.  That staple would be about the size of your thumb nail maybe, so the snake would fit in the palm of your hand easy as pie.

Not that you’d want it to, probably.

(All photos ©James LeFevre 2017)

4 Responses to real-world time

  1. KevinNevada says:

    Really cool pics. I love the western dry lands, they have hidden treasures everywhere.

  2. Expat says:


  3. bluthner says:

    here in florida we have a version of that rattler, except we always called it a pygmy rattlesnake. Which made me wonder if the name has recently changed, so I looked it up on wikipee and found this list of alternative names:

    Bastard rattlesnake, nipple snake, Carolina ground rattlesnake, brick red rattlesnake, Carolina pygmy rattlesnake, Catesby’s small snake, dwarf rattlesnake, eastern pygmy rattlesnake, grey rattlesnake, ground rattler (Garman, 1887), ground rattlesnake, hog-nosed rattlesnake, little rattlesnake, miliar(y) rattlesnake, North American smaller rattlesnake, oak-leaf rattler, pygmy ground rattlesnake, pygmy rattlesnake, small rattlesnake, southeastern ground rattlesnake, southern ground rattlesnake, southern pygmy rattlesnake, spotted rattler, spotted rattlesnake,southern rattlesnake.

  4. StillBernie says:

    I want the lizard as a pet.

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