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Since we’re all aghast at how far out into the crazy weeds our political situation has lurched, and since it’s not really possible any more to predict what will or what will not sink a political candidacy and therefore what level of whack-a-doodle lunacy is electable and what’s not, take a look at this.

Is this guy in earnest, or is this parody?

Real politics, or performance art?

If it’s the former, can he be elected?

And for that matter, if it’s the latter, can he be elected?

You tell me, because I’m not sure which way is up anymore.

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  1. Yes, we do need a lot more of that.
    Trump’s response was immediate and, naturally enough, was a threat;

    “People have to be careful because at some point I fight back,” Trump told WMAL radio host Chris Plante. “You know, I’m being very nice. I’m being very, very nice. But at some point I fight back and it won’t be pretty.”

  2. bluthner says:


    Was that in response to McCain or to the N. Korean ambassador or does he even recognize a difference?

  3. bluthner says:

    (that WMAL link won’t link for me)

  4. NatashaFatale says:


    CNN makes it clear it was directed at McCain, But no, he probably doesn’t see any difference.

  5. This one works for me. You’re right that the other one was fucked.
    Trump’s remarks were in response to a question specifically about McCain’s speech.

  6. bluthner says:

    Thanks for the new links, both. Jesus wept. The Hairball thinks the way things are right now are “pretty”?!

  7. NatashaFatale says:

    This is a change of subject but I kind of think y’all ought to read this. I’m sure you’ll be as shocked-shocked as I was.

  8. bluthner says:

    Well that would explain some of the conversations I had in Florida with idiots who kept explaining to me that London had been taken over by those “Shy-rias”. When I dismissed the idea as ridiculous, I was informed, point blank: Then you must be a Muslim.

  9. StillBernie says:

    Manjoo has a good new series in the NYT about the big 5 tech firms and how they’re fucking up everything.

    I’m back to Baudelaire, who’s been here already. I find this particular translation kind of inspired –

    …Like some poor short-dicked scum
    Biting and kissing the scarred breast
    Of a whore who’d as soon
    Drive nails through his nuts
    We breath death into our skulls
    Afraid to let it go.

    If the drugs, sex, perversion and destruction
    Haven’t made it to your suburb yet
    Graffitied your garage doors
    Of our common fate, don’t worry.

    If the short and long con
    Both ends against the middle
    Trick a fool
    Set the dummy up to fight
    And the other old dodges
    All howling to scream and crawl inside
    Haven’t arrived broken you down

    It’s because your boredom has kept them away.
    There’s no act or cry
    That can take this world apart
    Snuff out its miserable contemplation

    Boredom! Our jailer. Starving or glutted
    By the executions? Smoke, desperate for a whiter lie,
    You, my easy reader, never satisfied lover.

    We need jobs, and to make stuff again.

  10. NatashaFatale says:

    Excuse me, Amy mon vieille semblable, but I thought I heard you say “translation”…

  11. StillBernie says:

    I suspect that’s a very recent “translation”, it wasn’t there a couple of weeks ago :)

    Don’t do it Bernie, Angus. Don’t fall for it.

  12. bluthner says:

    I think that may be a translation in the way that Logue’s War Music is a translation.

  13. NatashaFatale says:


    Fun fact to know and tell: on the ballot, Bernie shows up as “Independent/Democrat” because the D’s know it would be futile and embarrassing and potentially suicidal to oppose him. Madame thinks the D’s have never opposed him but concedes it could have happened long ago. (Likewise, the state’s only congressman, Peter Welch, D, showed up as “Democrat/Republican” last time because the R’s didn’t want to waste a candidate and the cash it would have taken to run one.) So what the DNC hopes to gain is a mystery to me.

  14. NatashaFatale says:


    Well, I’m not sure Logue would be entirely on board with the comparison – but I see what you mean.

  15. StillBernie says:

    It must have been a quick knock off job, because they missed a golden opportunity to run with the scaffolding bit in the last stanza. Not only Donny, but Jared and the 666 building would have tied it all together nicely. It wasn’t there the last time i looked through the poems a few weeks ago (yet another art project research thing, all the poems with miroirs and semblables and stuff like that), i don’t know if the guy kicked in any other, uh, let’s not call them translations, how about “interpretations”.

    I’m liking the state legislature (Wyoming? can’t remember) where everyone is forced to be an Independent. Even though in practice they’re all Repubs in that state. But it would save an awful lot of stupid party bullshit i think.

  16. NatashaFatale says:

    Some cities in Illinois make it illegal for the D’s and R’s to participate in local elections, Joliet is or at least one of them. Each of the big parties created a local franchise. This confused the voters mightily – they kept pestering the election judges with “Is Schwartz a Republican?” and “Which ones are the Democrats?” Eventually the city put up signs that read “Attention Voters! The God, Flag, and Country Party are the Republicans. The Unalloyed Goodness and Purity Party are the Democrats.”

  17. NatashaFatale says:

    .Is or at least was.
    .Is or at least was.
    .Is or at least was.
    (Only 97 more to go.)
    .Is or at least was.
    .Is or at least was...

  18. StillBernie says:

    Oh, that unalloyed goodness and purity party must be the pack of drooling wankers giving George Soros blowjobs on the NYT as we speak. And the ones all over Fr. Douthat’s column smugly agreeing with Brother Frank’s What’s the Matter With Kansas without being aware of Listen Liberal.

    What did Soros “the perfect immigrant” ever do besides break the Bank of England, huh? And piss away millions on Hillary Clinton. It’s not like he made Chinatown. For the record – Polanski should have been extradited and jailed. But it doesn’t in any way change the fact that Chinatown was great. And it doesn’t change the fact that i wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy what Polanski went through earlier in life.

    Dunno if anyone caught it, when Asia Argento said Weinstein forsed his head between her legs and went down on her, and oral sex still grosses her out because of it. Imagine how she must have felt in that scene in Queen Margot, where she’s poisoned during the oral sex scene, and then they threw her body out the window.

    What the DNC is thinking – they don’t want Bernie or Angus to run as Indies on the chance that the Dems fuck it up.

  19. StillBernie says:

    Oh, and they want Bernie’s email list. Which cracks me up. Yep, please send me a bunch of unsolicited screeching emails demanding money. That’s a surefire way to get both my money and my vote.

  20. bluthner says:

    Here we don’t have primaries at all. Parties choose their candidates any way they see fit, but not at the ballot box. So count your blessings.

  21. StillBernie says:

    True dat. But at least you have (ok, had) a viable 3rd party. Now if we had totally open primaries (no caucuses, no party registration required, no superdelegates, but one vote per person), we might actually get something approching a democratically elected candidate. For each team. Who might even win the general.

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