Lost in the Holiday – News Brief

Two items showed up in the news feeds on Wednesday, as we all prepared for Thanksgiving.

  1.  General Flynn is no longer cooperating on a common defense with Team Trump.
  2. Roy Moore’s communications director quit the campaign.

Then, over the weekend, the Odious Hairball both emitted his continuing support for Roy Moore, and also began to spew lies about his Access Hollywood tape, telling his chumps that it was faked.  He found time for this between golf rounds.

The regime are trying to focus on enacting some form of destructive package of ‘tax reform’, and to make any sort of other progress on what they want to enact.  They are installing some judges who will be a long term problem.  They are shutting down much of the Executive Branch (State, EPA, etc). But they remain stalled on many fronts, and now the midterms are underway.  In the states and districts with 2018 elections, the game is already afoot.

Until Dec. 12 the news will focus on that incredible sleaze bucket Moore, and on the Access Hollywood tape.

The wider sexual-misconduct scandals are not going away, either.

Uma Thurman is about to unload, big-time, on Weinstein.

One more item.  Outraged Realtors Demonstrated!!
Last week, a crowd of usually-conservative folks held a public demonstration at the district office of Rep. Kevin McCarthy, in Bakersfield, CA, a very conservative community.  They chanted.  They waved signs!  They made a fuss.

It’s about the House tax bill, which screws with the home mortgage deductions in a major way, among many other bad things.

I don’t think that any of this is good news for McConnell or Ryan.


358 Responses to Lost in the Holiday – News Brief

  1. KevinNevada says:


    Robert Mueller is now safe, and he has also pardon-proofed much of his investigation anyway by working closely with the New York State AG, on parallel charges.

    Manafort also faces felony charges in Massachusetts, for part of his schemes.

    Yes, Congress will be less inclined to do as Trump and Bannon order.
    Last night was a watershed moment.

    As for Putin and Trump’s election, it is both good and bad for Putin.

    Good: Putin does not have to deal with Mrs. Clinton, whom he already knew was tough enough to face him down.
    And, Trump can be told what to do (such as, ignore sanctions voted by Congress upon Russia, just refuse to implement them.)

    Bad: It highlighted their social media campaign that has also operated against other Western nations, the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain. Their methods are now under wide-spread investigation. So it helped to alert their targets to this threat. So far the Brits have failed to respond appropriately, and Germany is in a bit of a mess. But that campaign is now starting to backfire.

    And very very bad: the laundered money, all those years of cozy deals, can now be unmasked and seized by US courts. That money sits in property. It’s not easily portable, to be re-hidden elsewhere.

  2. NatashaFatale says:


    I think Putin would regard any money lost in any future seizures as cash more than well spent.

    I get that Mueller is now safer in congress, but how is Trump less likely to fire him? It seems to me that he’d now be more likely than ever to pull that trigger.

  3. KevinNevada says:


    The Hairball is welcome to fire way, try to dump Mueller.

    Congress would simply re-appoint him, at warp speed.
    The roar of the approaching tsunami is now quite loud.

    And the attempt to fire Mueller would simply add a specification to the impeachment resolution, when it eventually gets passed by the House. Obstruction of justice, I think it’s called.

    And if they discuss firing Mueller with Pence in the room, then he gets further roped into an impeachment of his own. Pence is already in danger on that, over the Comey firing. He was in the room for that one.

    As for the money: it’s not just Putin’s. It may not actually include any of his loot. It comes from all his pals and partners in that Fascist regime, and some of them are the below-the-radar gangsters. “Money well spent” is probably not their attitude, at all.

  4. bluthner says:

    My impression of the way big money works in Russia these days is: any assets that are withing Putin’s grasp, ie inside Russia, he can (and does) seize at will. Any assets that are located in the west: he must be notified of where they are and- in the case of high value real estate, he -through the straw man of a name of one of his minions- must be a co-owner on the deed. In that way the extent of his personal fortune is so vast that even if he loses a couple of billion here and another there, it can’t actually affect him except insofar as he decides to care about an entirely abstract number on a hidden balance sheet.

    The minions of course can and will feel the pain of asset seizure; not least because in order to keep hold of their assets and income streams inside Russia they must deliver regular tributes to Putin. They struggle to find ways of doing that. Some of the insane prices now paid for contemporary art, are, according to some insiders- largely a result of oligarchs intentionally bidding up the prices in order to create easily transportable and untraceable ‘specie’ for this very purpose.

  5. bluthner says:

    I like your idea of congress rehiring Mueller.

    I can’t claim it’s my idea at all: I’ve heard it mooted a number of times, from the mouths of actual Congress Critters, some of them even Republicans, over the past couple of months.

    Also it seems entirely clear that the FBI as an instittution has no intention of stopping the investigation Mueller now heads, even if Mueller was fired, and not reinstated, and no replacement special prosecutor was appointed. Trump would have to shut down the FBI entire to stop them pursuing the criminals they are now pursuing. And recently tweeting about how the Bereau is “in tatters” on top of all the other insults can only have stoked the fire they have in their bellies to nail those criminals to the fucking floor.

  6. bluthner says:

    or “Bureau”. in case any body notices or minds.

  7. NatashaFatale says:

    …in case any body notices or minds.

    You never know when she may strike.

  8. KevinNevada says:

    Madam lurks . . . feel the fear.



    thanks for those insights. Russia is an insane place these days, a new form of classical Fascism, with full support from the Orthodox Church. (In return, Putin promotes their power at every opportunity.)

    It is those minions I’ve been ranting about in this thread. They really could turn into a risk factor for Trump’s gang. Manafort, for example, has a pile of loot under court seizure, pending his trial and reportedly that money isn’t “his” at all, but some Russian’s. And the silly bastard got himself involved with the even sillier guy with the bad hair, instead of minding the task at hand and now that money may be forfeit.

    Manafort is asking to be released from house arrest, now.

    I think he doesn’t like to sleep at a reliably predicable address, these days.

    And I think you’re correct about the FBI. They have the scent in their nostrils now, they know there is a gang of perps who need handcuffs and perp-walks, and they have been dissed by a President whom they know is a scum-bucket.

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