3 Responses to Just a Reminder there can be Some . . .

  1. bluthner says:


    I’m feeling left out. I can’t live very far away from you and yet… nothing of the kind has come through my door. I got a leaflet from the police day before yesterday assuring me that we have many many plainclothes cops patroling the hood, so I’ve been keeping my eye out to try to spot them- is that guy with the sign says he’s cold and hungry who sits on Westbourne Grove all day every day now one of them? He’s not exactly on patrol, but he does seem to be watching things with a gimlet eye…

  2. Expat says:

    My mother in Scotland looks on her free Bus Pass as access to a magic carpet after she gave up her VW (Voluntarily, without prompting, and thank goodness! But coming after a few years of “They keep changing the roads.”). I guess the equivalent here is aging into an AARP card. The thing is she visits us on the Queen Mary II.

  3. KevinNevada says:

    Hope can get you into a slew of contrariness around these parts.

    Nevertheless, I continue to indulge in it. I’ve read a lot of history.

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