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dominionism revisited

A suggestion has been made to provide links to the series on Dominionism which ran here back in the summer of 2011. Fair enough; June 27, 2011;  Dominionism, the groundwork. June 28, 2011; Dominionism, growth. June 30, 2011; Dominionism, agendas. July 2, 2011; Dominionism, law. July 6, 2011; Dominionism, zion. There are additional posts which […]

Judge not that ye be Judged?

“We’ve got to remember that most of what we do in court comes from some Scripture or is backed by Scripture,” Moore said after taking the oath of office. _____________________________________________________________________ “Take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus,” Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler told […]

now, about that independent judiciary…

… here’s a story from Kevin’s neck of the woods about a Las Vegas judge telling convicted felons if they’re attentive to completing their probation properly, they can have their voting rights restored “in time to vote for President Donald Trump.” A Clark County District Court judge told at least two felons during sentencing proceedings […]

a messaging problem

We’ve talked about this, and we need to keep talking about it, because the narrative liberals are using to comfort themselves right now is that; a) Mueller will uncover some Trump kryptonite, and b) the mid-terms will rescue us from advancing fascism. Sorry, but no, and no. Not unless the Dems can find; a) a […]

nighty night… (updated) (updated again)

This is Seattle, Washington, USA in the year 2017. Personally I’d have gone with a left hook over a right cross, but otherwise this is an entirely satisfactory outcome. According to Buzzfeed, some unidentified folks saw this swastika-wearing twat riding a bus and harassing a black man. As is now routine, a photo was posted […]

the question for today

I slung this up on the “quotes to be proud of ” sidebar first, then after thinking about it for a minute decided to wave it around more prominently. It’s about words, today. It’s about the ongoing sneaky normalization of words and ideas which, in any context of a democratic republic, are neither normal or […]

meanwhile, on death row…

… a shortage of ordinary people willing to watch a fellow human put to death is threatening Arkansas’ plans to execute 8 people in 10 days—the most executions in such a compressed timeframe since the death penalty was ruled not to be unconstitutional by a SCOTUS decision in 1976. Arkansas law requires 6 to 12 […]

oh donny boy, the pipes, the pipes are leaking…

Seven fucking years, count ’em, these assholes have been trying to scupper the ACA. More that 50 votes to repeal passed in the House in that time, when there was not a president who would sign it. Now there is such a president and they hold a majority in the Senate too, and their latest […]

and in local news…

A few hundred people showed up at Denver International Airport to protest Hair Führer’s  immigration order, and were met by one  Tony Lopez, a Denver Police Commander, who, with a perfectly  straight face, explained to the assembled crowd the error of their ways; Stop doing anything which could be construed as free speech without a […]

let’s keep this short…

Because it’s really not that complicated. Thing One;  Donald Trump’s sleazy little speech about “you can do anything you want” was not simply locker-room talk engendered by testosterone poisoning, though godknows the world is overfull of that. Nor is this about the epidemic and profoundly hypocritical sexual squeamishness for which US culture is world-infamous. Neither […]