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Plus ça Change . . .

Looking along my bookshelves last night, looking for a non-pharmeceutical distraction from one of my occasional (and mercifully now much less frequent) bouts of pain (it didn’t work, but I carried on reading it anyway) I picked out J. Fennimore Cooper’s last novel. Why I have The Ways of the Hour, or how long I’ve […]

The Clintons, Hotelling’s Law, and its disastrous distortion and misuse by the consultant class

I don’t remember exactly when I arrived at 9000’ – I mean, I remember the circumstances but not the date – but I know that soon after I got here I delivered my opinion that the greatest long-term political threat to the country was the rightward drift (or sprint, at times) of the national Democratic […]

nighty night… (updated) (updated again)

This is Seattle, Washington, USA in the year 2017. Personally I’d have gone with a left hook over a right cross, but otherwise this is an entirely satisfactory outcome. According to Buzzfeed, some unidentified folks saw this swastika-wearing twat riding a bus and harassing a black man. As is now routine, a photo was posted […]

a break

I’m going to post this Vice video here just so we’re all clear about the kind of people Trump is crawfishing about condemning unambiguously and outright. And to make it clear, though why in the hell that should be necessary and Donald J Trump can go fuck himself, that there is no such thing as […]

and so it begins…

It was inevitable, of course, and we’ve been predicting it here for months and months. Here’s Multnomah County GOP chair James Buchal (Portland, Oregon is in Multnomah County) talking about the current state of affairs after that White Supremacist and Trump fanboy slit a couple of people’s throats the other day; “I am sort of […]

true colors

As if we didn’t already know that Hair Führer, our so-called president, is  a vindictive bully; Sheriff tells Trump that state senator is doing something he doesn’t like. Trump: “Do you want to give his name? We’ll destroy his career.” Just imagine if Barack Obama had said something like this. Just imagine if he had […]

this week

OK so last week, week 1 for Hoppy the Wonder Nazi’s administration,  was a doozy, ending with the unleashing of a Muslim ban cynically marketed, as is standard procedure now, as Something Else. It’s not a Muslim ban, he and his cronies insist, but a safety measure, though it included restrictions on travel from Muslim […]

and in local news…

A few hundred people showed up at Denver International Airport to protest Hair Führer’s  immigration order, and were met by one  Tony Lopez, a Denver Police Commander, who, with a perfectly  straight face, explained to the assembled crowd the error of their ways; Stop doing anything which could be construed as free speech without a […]

where are we?

I’m not at all sure that we won’t see a veritable deluge of drainage, from congress outward. I think of the whole country as the waiting flood plain. To switch metaphors, I see congress as a capacitor or a storage battery that has been building up a huge charge for decades and will now have […]

now what?

I just have let this out of my head; I don’t have a complete picture of what the hell happened, and I have no reason to suppose that, like just about anything else, the answers to that question are not many and interrelated and complex. But some components seem clearly identifiable, not least of which […]